Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr. Kirby Had His Cake and Now His Sprinkles Too!

Last night was cake mix, tonight was sprinkles! Not just any sprinkles, noooo they had to be the little teeny tiny balls that roll everywhere when you try to sweep them up. I had to use the vacuum, again. This time, I had to take the vacuum apart and put on the hard floor attatchment. I tried to just use the regular head and the sprinkles sucked right through and flew out the back. It felt like a million little teeny beebees pelting my legs and feet. He had the ENTIRE bottle empty on the kitchen floor! I know you are wondering why no one was watching him so let me just tell you. I just took him out of the bathtub, I told him to go lay down in the hall (we keep the diapers in the hall closet), I dried off Rub and went to put their diapers on for bed and there was Rub but no Dub! I diaper Rub while calling for Dub to come lay down.
Dub-I put this way firts mommy!
Me- Put what away first Dub?
Dub-I put this shake shake way firts!
Me thinking to myself- Shake shake? What the heck is he talking about?
I walk into the kitchen and he is jumping up and down, shaking the sprinkles bottle with the lid off, sprinkles flying everywhere and singing..."shake, shake yo moccas!"
Me- What are you doing?!
Dub- I shake my moccas
Me-No, No you are not shaking your moraccas! You are shaking sprinkles all over the floor! Go lay down so I can put your diaper and jammies on NOW!
Dub-I frow this way firts mommy, is all gone!
Me- Ya think! Irrrr!

Good News is house smells like spice cake again. Bad News...I have a toddler with an obvious fascination for the pantry!

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MommaRose said...

Ah the joys of boys, I love the title of your blog. I hope that you are well and love reading about your family. Your are a hero, I have two and don't know how you do it with so many! Take care and shake your moraccas.