Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week One

Okay so it's not Tuesday, it's Sunday and I don't know yet if I will survive but so far I am still looking down at the ground and not up at the ground so I guess I am on the right path.

The first week of school is over and my boy is ready for Christmas vacation. Vootz has told me every morning except Monday that he was too tired, or sick and he was not going to go school no matter what. He has had MAJOR temper tantrums about having to do homework, already. He also has already left one homework assignment at school. We have already started the bribes. Papa and I bribed him with a sleepover at the mountain house with Papa IF he made honor roll. Vootz tried to up that bribe to a camp out with Papa if he made perfect attendance too. I told him he'd have to talk to Papa about that one. He's going to call tonight. This is going to be a very long year.

Buzz has a cold already. He should have probably stayed home on Tuesday because he felt like he might have a fever but he insisted that he not miss any school because he has to have perfect attendance. You go son! Yes, I said he "felt" like he had a fever, I don't actually have a thermometer but after working for the doctor for so long and having four boys I have become a pretty good judge of temperature, usually I am within a degree.

Rub is loving kindergarten. Here is our conversation when I picked him up on Wednesday...
Me- How was school today?
Rub- Great!
Me- Well what did you do?
Rub- Played Pirates.
Me- What did you learn?
Rub- Nuffing you need to know about. Can we go visit Mrs. Hutchins at my green school (summer school teacher)because my heart misses her.
Me- Why don't I need to know about what you learned today?
Rub- Huuu! I learned 5 years old stuff. You know, for 5 years olds. Not for mommies.
Me- Oh. Maybe we can go see Mrs. Hutchins next week would that be okay?
Rub- I suppose.

Dub has been a trooper. I have done nothing but drag that poor kid around all day every day. He has not had a chance to even enjoy a house to himself since the kids went back to school. He's been to the dentist, the banks, the stores, and has become almost a permanent fixture in the PTC room at the school. Yesterday he said to me, "because I was good at the dententst can I get a big Lightening McQueen set, like this big" *spreads his hands out* "Because I want it this much!" * spreads out his arms as far as they will go and stands on his tip toes. He has ALL of the office staff at school wrapped around his little finger, most especially the principal. He still insists he is either Indiana Jones or Batman and he will introduce himself as such.

JC is wonderful! A lesser man would have divorced me by now. I have not made a homemade meal all week, I have not packed his lunch and I have left him to deal with kids a lot! I am sure he wonders occasionally if I still live here. One night I never even made it to the bed. Bet that was the best nights sleep he's had since we've been married. The poor guy broke his tooth week before last and has to have a root canal done. He broke the other half of that same tooth this morning. He is in pain and his wife is MIA leaving the kids with him so much it might be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Times up gotta make dinner, the first one I've made all week.
Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Just Might Make It

I'm still alive, kinda, sorta, not so much. If I survive the PTC back to school chaos these next few days I will update this little blog hopefully on Tuesday. Stay tuned!