Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Selves as Compulsive Eaters

Here is a list of the characters in this story.
Taste Buds to be played by Badself
Stomach to be played by Goodself/Common Sense
Do you see where we are going here?

So, incase you hadn't already figured out, I am a light weight. Not literally, I carry more chub than I should, but when it comes to medications it doesn't take much to make me "out of it" or very "hung over feeling". Which are not feelings that I am particularly fond of. After more than fourty-eight hours of being under the influence of very strong prescription medications, and unable to eat due to the "hung over" feeling...

Taste Buds- "Its been fourty-eight hours! You are a compulsive eater, You don't go fourty-eight minutes without food! And it's been TWO DAYS since we've tasted anything except chlorinated water and cough syrup that tastes like rubbing alcohol. We need FOOOOD!"

Stomach-I agree, it is time to eat something. Maybe some French Onion Soup from Mimi's. That sounds good and easy to stomach.

Taste Buds- Soup? Are you joking? No! No! No! Italian! Cheesey, garlic breadsticks and chicken fettucini alfredo from Joseph's and a large diet pepsi, we need pepsi.

Stomach- not on your life, I'll never be able to keep that down. Maybe some minestrone soup, plain bread sticks and herbal tea.

Taste Buds- No, wait! Mexican! Chips and hot salsa with guacamole, wet chilie verde burrito from Mauricios and the diet pepsi. MMM! That's it! That's what I want and I won't settle for anything less. I will crave that until I get it, making us miserable.

Stomach-Oh, we'll be miserable alright. Anyway, you strike it I lose.

You all know what it is like to have an unsatisfied craving don't you? It eats at you. It is constantly on your mind. You dream about it, you smell it, this sentence is making me sound like a weirdo! Anyway, I decide to skip a dose of cough meds, so my stomach will settle enough to eat something. I decided that Mauricio's was what I really what I wanted only being five minutes away was the best choice, so as not to have to drive down town, while I was so sick and exhausted. We all remember my last trip downtown right? 'Nuff said. So off to Mauricio's we went with total disreguard for the other diners and their health because dang it I was hungry and didn't have any food in the house because I had been sick in bed for a week and no one else knows where the grocery store is.
Long story not so short, I ate some chips and salsa and two diet pepsis, took two bites of my burrito and was about to heave up Jonah, spew, blow chunks. feeling less than well. JC couldn't pay that bill fast enough! I had never been so relieved to be standing outside in the middle of the night in February wearing nothing but jeans and a t-shirt. Until the shivers started. Do you know what it is like to be nausiated, and achy all over and get the shivers? The good news is, all the salsa really cleared my congestion.
Next day...
The left overs are calling.....
Yes, yes I did! What part of compulsive eater did you not understand?


Anonymous said...

LOL! We are all under the weather too. I have drunk enough hot lemon and honey water this week to make a whole other me.... and let me tell you, that is no easy feat! Mom took pity on us and made eggplant parmesean for dinner. It was awesome. I have regretted eating ever since. Ufff, time to go back on the warm water diet. It was kinder to my tummy.


Queen of Shake-Shake said...

That stage of being ill is no fun either. Sooo tired of tasteless food yet can't stomach good food.

I hope you are able to eat like a real compulsive eater soon!

Jeff & Holly said...

Poor girl! I am feeling so bad for you. I can't believe you can make laugh even when you feel like crap. Get better soon!