Friday, February 8, 2008

JC, the Google Hog!

I love Google, it is my favorite search engine. Have you ever Googled yourself? I Googled myself. I Googled my real name, my blog and every user name I have ever used. You know what I got? A big fat nothing. Well not exactly nothing...wait and that will be explained. Now, let me tell you this, before JC married me he did not have a computer, he did not even know how to use the computer. What do you think happened when I Googled him? I got SIX pages of nothing except him. There was only one hit on all six pages that was not him. He does not surf the net, he does not use forums, he does not have a blog, he doesn't even read his dang email! The only thing he does is play Battlefield and COD4. How is this fair that I pour my blood, sweat and tears into entertaining my readers and I do not even get a hit on Google? I have four email accounts, a Myspace page, I am a forum rat I have graced many forums with my presence and comments, I have published recipes and photos, and a blog and I am not mentioned...except (and here is the explaination I promissed) when I am tied to his name on his clans website. How is this possible Google? The unjustness of it all! I have surfed with the best of them leaving behind my great wealth of knowledge on all things nonsense and look where I land. He shoots, tosses some 'nades and yells at the computer alot and he gets six pages! Maybe computers really can hear...maybe if I start yelling too, Google will hear me and I will at least make page 50 of one of my searches. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

OI! The google adds are killing me. The last one was advertising a hotel and spa at Morro Bay. It looked gorgeous. Can we go on vacation?


Jeff & Holly said...

Doesn't surprise me! I think I'll go google myself. Curious now.

JR Hart said...

LMAO! Tosses some 'nades and he's all over google. Go, JC, go!