Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rollerblades... Bad, Donuts...Good!

I had always wanted a pair of rollerblades since they came out, and asked for a pair every Christmas and Birthday. Finally after I married JC I gave up on someone buying me a pair and decided to buy my own. I only had them about a week before I found out I was pregnant with Vootz. So I had to put them away, doctors orders. He is a smart enough man to realize that I am not coordinated enough to walk and chew gum, much less be on blades. I trip over a loose piece of carpet in his office every time I go in that I should be resting. So for my health and that of my unborn child I put them in the closet. They have stayed in the closet for more than eight years now.

I decided to be a little active over the weekend. The weather was nice and the boys have been a little stir crazy so I thought we would go out front and they could ride their bikes and I would rollerblade with them. Note to self: a week in blades eight years ago doesn't a rollerblader make! As I was sitting in the garage putting the blades on Buzz says to me, in a tone that clearly says he is unsure mom has the ability to be doing this...
"Mom you're going to ride those?"

Me-"yes, I am"

Buzz-"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Me-"why? You don't think I can rollerblade?"

Buzz-"I don't know, can you? I am going to go get Vootz."
A few minutes later he returns with Vootz.

Buzz-" See, I told you. Are you sure this is a good idea?"
Me-"I thought it was but I am starting to wonder now, thanks for the vote of confidence!"

Vootz-"Relax Buzz, Mom has had those rollerblades for like 39 years!"

Me-*choking* "39 years? Just how old do you think I am?"


They start walking off, talking to each other...
Buzz- "She thinks she is still young. She's gonna hurt herself, and Dad is gonna have to scrape her off the street, and he won't be happy about that."

Vootz-"But maybe we'll get McDonalds for dinner if she gets hurt bad and can't cook."
*feeling the love*
It takes me a few minutes, but I get to a standing position and realize, to get to the street I have to go down the driveway. I cling to the side of JC's truck and side step down until I run out of truck to hold on to. Standing there trying to figure out my next move Buzz returns, "see, I told you that wasn't a good idea." Good thing for that boy that mommy was too chicken to let go of the truck, for fear of falling on her bum loves him so much that she would never think of ringing his little neck.

I did finally make it unscathed to the street even though I flailed my arms about like a chicken trying to take flight. I made it to the end of the culdesac and back twice before I realized, Buzz was right, this is not a good idea! My legs and hips already hurt and I haven't even fallen yet. I am probably not going to be able to get myself from standing to seated and back to standing on my own for the next couple of days. Which makes it kinda difficult to go pee. Oh crap! How am I going to go from standing to seated in these to get them off? I am old, too old to be picking up new physical activities! I think I should stick to walking. I edged over to the grass and plopped down sat down gracefully. And I thought about McDonalds for dinner after all this activity, but I was not going to let my boys have the pleasure of being right that high fat, unbalanced meal for dinner. It just would not be responsible parenting. Not after the donuts I bought for breakfast
BTW- Rollerblading uses muscles you never knew you had!

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Jeff & Holly said...

Good for you. Don't give up on it yet. When I tried snowbording for the first time (a few weeks ago). My legs were on FIRE!!! I swear I thought that if I looked down my snow pants would be melted off me. The next time I went, it was MUCH better. I am even feeling like, Maybe I'm not so old after all!