Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rubby's Important Things to Remember.

As I am loading the dishwasher Jake informs me:

"Mom, we shouldn't eat trash, that would be yucky! We shouldn't eat dirt either, or mud that would be really yucky. We shouldn't eat Jesus Christ either because he's in charge of the church."

Gotta love the thought process of a four year old.


Anonymous said...

It must be the age as Zachary has come up with odd things we shouldn't eat. His was we shouldn't eat the dog because dog guts are gross. Russ was quick to point out that before eating any animal you clean it, skin it, etc. Yeah, that idea went over well... "MOMMY!?! Why woulds you and daddy take out our dog's guts? He would still be gross."


Jeff & Holly said...

I love the cute little things kids say. I wish I was better about writing them down. kodoes!