Friday, February 1, 2008

Common Kiwi Phrases!

Okay, for those of you who do not know what life with four boys is like, let me enlighten you. First off let me give you a list of charactors you will read about most frequently while on my blog. Vootz 7, Buzz 5, Rub 4, and Dub 2. My DH (AKA Hergie but we'll call him JC, niether of which are his real name) came from a family where everyone has a nick name and that has bled over to our family, so I hope everyone can follow through these stories. BTW, I know you want to know, so my AKA name is Kiwi. It was bestowed upon me by my father in law who I loved dearly.

Now onto the chaos I call life. A typical day in our house is LOUD (also something that comes from Jc's family), full of love, tears, giggles and lots of chaos. The best way to give you insight on our home is to give you some phrases you will hear me say most commonly at our house. So here goes.

Get to the bathroom before you pee on my floor!
I love you too! Now get in the bathroom!
Please pay attention while you are peeing so you don't pee on the floor!
Why did you pee on the floor?
Yes, I love you too!
(do you see a pattern here? Yes, I am potty training a 2 y/o so this is a big topic in our house)
Dub you may not eat candy for lunch! No popcorn is not lunch either!
No amount of kisses is going to get you that roll of smarties before you eat your lunch!
Get out of the pantry! Get out off the back of the couch! Don't rock your chair! Get out of the fridge/freezer ( and I don't mean just shut the door, I mean they need to physically get their body out of the freezer!)
Get off the counter!
I love you too! Now get down!
Why are you nekked? (frequently asked question of Rub)
Get back in the house, you're nekked! The nieghbors don't need to see your nekkedness!
I'm sorry I am not your Boo anymore but we don't go out front nekked! Now get your clothes on!
Is your homework done? Neatly? All of it? Then sit down!
Vootz mind Vootz!
Buzz 4 bananas is enough! No you can't have another orange dinner will be ready in five minutes!
Vootz eat your peas!
Buzz drink your milk!
Rubby get your fingers out of your dipitz! Dipitz are for chicken fingers, not for your fingers!
Dub eat your own dinner and leave your dad's alone!
Everyone to the shower! Don't pee in the shower, your brothers don't want to stand in your pee!
Brush your teeth please. With toothpaste!
No you can't have a snack, we just finished dinner!
Honey, I just told them no snacks!
They've already brushed their teeth and they don't need brownies anyway because I said no dessert unless they ate all their dinner!
You're such a softy!
Say your prayers!
Love you all lots and lots!
Go to sleep!
Get in your own beds!
You already had a drink get back in bed!
There are no monsters in this house, they are all too afraid of Dad to come in here! Now get back to bed!
No, you may not sleep in the office!
You may not sleep in the hallway either!
Go to sleep!
No Buzz Mommy is not mad at you. Yes Buzz, Mommy still loves you! She's just not happy that it is an hour past your bedtime and you are still up, and your room that was clean when I put you to bed, now looks like a battlezone! Boys if I step on any of those soldiers tonight they'll be battling the trash can! Go to sleep please!
If I hear one more word out of you two I am going to send in your dad!
Those are my most frequent phrases. Hope you had a good laugh while you sit there with your sweet daughters all dressed in pink! Just remember someday they might marry a M! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! If it makes you feel any better, I say most of those phrases everyday! However, I also hear myself saying "is it food? Then why is it in your mouth?!?"

The joy of boys.


Jeff & Holly said...

I am laughing my butt off right now. How funny. Isn't motherhood the greatest?!? By the way my toilets were nice and clean until Porter became potty trained. Now back to the drawing board and time to teach him how to be toilet trained!

Jeff & Holly said...

I am laughing my butt off right now! You are too funny. Sad thing is, I know you are telling the TRUE story! Isn't motherhood a blast?!? By the way my toilets were nice and clean until Porter became potty trained, now I need to do the even harder job of teaching him THE RIGHT WAY to use the potty! Oh, and Porter chose to go to bed tonight at 6:30 rather than eat what I made for dinner. It is amazing that he is still growing!
I feel your pain!!!!

Jeff & Holly said...

I think I just posted 2 comments because I am a dork! Sorry

~girlz rule,boyz drool~ said...

Who says girls are cute and pink? If my girls wear white it is brown by the time they take it off so why bother with white or light pink or yellow or heck frilly cute, expensive, bowes seldom make it on anymore. I am thankful in some ways for girls but we still get pee sprinkles on our seats Sammy likes to smear off and then wipe and half the time the paper ends up on the floor. And Krissy is quit the dipper and oh did I mention we don't know how to flush toilets in our house so NON-FLUSHER+ DIPPER=DISGUSTING. HAHAHA you are so funny but girls are not always better anytime you want to borrow a girl let me know I have decided to rent them out- good birth control! LOL
As for marriage they can't even have a boyfriend until 25 thats our rule!!!!!

Tam said...

Oh how funny. I have one of each (kids that is) but I still find myself saying a lot of these!!!

I don't know if you remember me (Tamra Woolsey) but I found your blog while I was surfing around. Love it... sounds like you guys are having fun!!!