Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nekked and Habbin' Cake!

I went grocery shopping this afternoon. I put Dub down for a nap and plopped Buzz and Rub in front of a movie and said be good for dad and stay out of trouble. JC was cleaning up his desk in the office. I picked Vootz up from school and headed to the store.

I LOVE to go grocery shopping, ALONE! I like to stroll up and down the isles and look at all the different foods, compare prices, enjoy not being hung all over, enjoy not hearing "mommmmm!" every two minutes, smile a knowing smile at the poor lady who's kid is throwing a major tantrum in the cereal isle. Grocery time is my time. When I have to take a kid, or heaven help me more than one kid, to the store with me it totally ruins it for me. I then, have to be the poor lady who is getting the knowing smile from other alone mothers. Today was not much different. Vootz is old enough to know better than to throw a tantrum but he still pulls things off the shelf and begs for them, still walks around unaware and backwards and is on and off the cart making it impossible to push straight. He tries very hard to be helpful to me and bag the groceries, but I am very anal about how I bag my groceries, so that just makes me frustrated. Then I had to try to fit all my groceries, my son and myself in the front of the truck with out smashing any smashables. Anyway long story short, by the time we got home I was just plain tired! Too tired for what transpires next.

When I walked through the front door I see the child, who was suppose to be napping, has snuck out of his bed and helped himself to something, though at the time I wasn't quite sure what it was. I get a little closer and he says all sweet, innocent and proud of himself...
"I'n habbing cake mommy."

Oh Crap! He has gotten into the pantry, pulled down a box of spice cake mix that I was going to use to make these cookies, he has opened the box and put it goodness knows where and opened the bag right down the center. Now here he sits in a pile of cake mix on my carpeted dining room (What kind of crazy men people carpet an every day dining room? That is a whole other rant there!)He is shoving handfuls of dry cake mix into his mouth and loving it. (I should have snapped a picture, because it is really something that you should have seen!) I scooped him up, swatted his backside, washed off his hands and face amidst cries of, "I was habbing cake! I'n hungwee!" and sent him to his dad who had no clue he was even awake. My kids are sneaky like that. I vacuumed up the mess and went to throw away the bag and what do I see in the trash can? The box, the kid amazes me, he actually is still good when he is being bad. He always throws his trash away! Good boy Dub!

Now I notice that Rub is nekked, as usual.
Me- "Rub, why are you nekked?"
Rub-"My cwoves was making me hot and fwetty so I frowed em in the waundry!"
Me-"Fine, but at least put your underwear on! We don't walk around nekked!"
And do you think his clothes were in the laundry? No, no they weren't. They were in the bathroom trash can! Which seems to be mistaken for the laundry basket and the laundry basket for the trash can by both Dub and Rub on a regular basis.

I am feeling the grey hair sprout out of my head and my little crease in my forehead is quickly becoming a canyon! Good news though, I vacuumed the rest of my house and now it smells like spice cake and I did not even have to bake anything. Bad news, the smell is making me REALLY hungry and I have No spice cake mix to bake with!

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Anonymous said...

We were going to put a rug down in the dining room, and then that night I served grape juice with dinner. While there were no spills and dinner was enjoyed by all... we are sticking with a naked floor for now. No rug, no carpet, just the wood. Wood can get messed up too... but at least it stands some sort of chance against the children.

Sorry about the cake mix, but YEAH! for a spice cake scented house. That beats other smells inside. =)