Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Yesterday Jc was out and about, running various errands. Around 3 he called me and asked, "what is today?"
"It is Wednesday, the 13th."
"Oh, it's not the 14th?"
"No, thank you for thinking of me though."

Just because I know you are all wondering...
I got beautiful, red roses! He scored extra points by picking up the 5 y/o from school (all hyped up on sugar from his Valentines Day party) and taking him to lunch! And scored even more when he bought chocolate hearts for each of the boys, what a Great Dad! And his present from me was the ridiculously expensive new graphics card he bought for his computer while out with the sugar high 5 y/o and the new game he bought while he was out yesterday, which together, cost so much that a pair of Nikes and some new capris are definately in order.
I also gave him a card with a pack of Big Red in it. 'Cause he is "HOT!" And 'cause I "chews" him. Because I am corny like that. And I made him dinner, not that I don't always frequently do that, but a special filet with potato and peas. I hate peas so this was nice of me to make him his favorite veg. that I would have to eat too, because I can't make the kids eat their veg if I don't eat mine. And I don't make filet except on Valentines Day and his birthday because dang it's pricey! Anyhoo... it is a nice start to what promisses to be a fantastic night, if I can drag him away from his computer and get him to stop talking about how this new card is so much better. Happy Valentines Day! BTW sweetheart if you are reading this, I am pretty sure you are not, because you never do, but if you are...I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE GREATEST! (oh, and I just finished my yoga...*wink wink*)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. It sounds just lovely.