Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life! I have had a BIG secret to keep all week long. Every time someone would ask me how I am doing I would have to dance around my answer. Tears would well up, I would want to say I was okay, but was that really the truth? I was humbled, nervous, overwhelmed...but was I okay? I was moved to tears at the drop of a hat. I was dying while quietly listening to others speculations, when I knew the truth.

After several years of functioning beyond capacity our ward at church, along with another ward split to form a third ward. This happened two weeks ago. Last week just before conference started I got a phone call asking if JC and I would come in after conference to meet with the Bishopric. I had been teaching the six year olds and JC had been teaching the thirteen year olds. I knew that one or both of us would be receiving new callings. First they talked to JC. As soon as they asked him how his class was going I knew the reason we were there was not for JC, but for me. Then Brother Keller extended me my new calling and I was so overwhelmingly humbled that all I could do was cry. Eventually I was able to choke out an answer to him and he followed with good, don't tell anyone until after you are sustained next Sunday. YIKES! That is a BIG secret! I am a great secret keeper when it comes to other peoples lives, but my life I have to be able to talk about, get advice, reassurance. Have people understand that when I randomly start crying that I am not insane, just overwhelmed, and not in a billion things to do, don't know where to start kinda way. In a this is so humbling, are you sure you got the right sister Moncur, this is a lot of responsibility and I am not that responsible, what were they thinking kinda way. But I did it. I survived an entire week, I was sustained and set apart today and about two seconds ago given my first Sacrament Meeting speaking assignment not just as the second counselor in the Relief Society, but EVER. Now I have a talk to prepare so I need to quit rambling and get busy.