Saturday, February 2, 2008

Here I Stand in Puddles...Puddles of Pee!

Okay, so one of my sons has yet to make it through the night without wetting. Because he refuses to wear a pull-up and I HATE laundry, I wake up every three hours and take him to the bathroom. Well this week he has a serious cough. When I went into take him to the bathroom at nine before I went to bed I felt around to make sure I wasn't too late....Awesome! He's dry! Pull him up to sitting position, try to make him stand and he crumbles to the ground. Okay, I heave him up to me and start to carry him into the bathroom. All of a sudden he starts a coughing fit. Ahhh crap! What's that??? I am soaked! He is soaked! He has literally coughed so hard he has peed all over me! Dang it! Strip him down, shower him again, re-jammie him and put him back to bed. Shower myself, again and now I am not groggry anymore, so I go to the computer for a little chat with a good friend (hi Melissita!)
It is now midnight, time for the next trip to the bathroom. Feel around..Dang It! Wake up precious and make him walk himself to the bathroom, making a stop at the laundry basket to strip off pee soaked clothes and deposit wet sheets. Stand nekked son in front of tub while we wait for the water to warm up. Nekked son is leaning heavily against my he really awake? Warm, wet feet????

Me- What the heck!!! What are you doing? Stop that! Wake up! Hey...gosh dig it!

Son- "What??? oh, sorry mom."

Put son in shower and instruct him to bathe. Take off socks, wash my feet. Mop bathroom floor. Check on son. He is curled up in fetal position on the shower floor....asleep again. Wake up son, pull him out of shower and instruct him to dry off. Go get clean jammies and return to find son curled up in fetal position on the hall floor, asleep. Dress son and return him to his bed.
Next morning...

Son- mom I didn't even pee at all last night! I did good huh?
Me- say whaaaat? I need a diet pepsi!

Tell me, how does a kid take TWO showers and not remember taking them? It must be nice to be able to sleep through anything.

On a side note, I got to go to the movies today with a friend, alone, with no kids, and no husband! I have not done that in 10 years! Yes, I said 10 years! Thank you Angela! I had a blast.


Melissita said...

Hilarious!! Man I wish that I could sleep like that. Poor kid! Poor mom!!! Melissa I do not know how you do it.

Jeff & Holly said...

LOL! You are so funny. Aren't you glad you are writing this down. Someday he is going to love this! OH, and I think I would MAKE him wear pull ups. Best of luck girl!

~girlz rule,boyz drool~ said...

HaHAHa I so feel ya I have a four year old just like that. She likes to get out of bed and sit on her floor yes carpet floor and pee then cry like crazy so I come running and then bathe her. The best is when I walk in and squish goes the carpet!!! LOVE IT!