Friday, August 6, 2010

Run Kiwi... Run!!!

It takes a special kind of crazy to get out of bed and run at 6 am....I do not have that special kind of crazy. I have tried twice now to run in the morning and both times I thought I'd rather be hit by a train. I can run in the evening, no problem. Why can't I run in the morning? Let's break this down shall we...

MORNING GOODS: Cool temps, beautiful sunrise, serene, peaceful, not exhausted from my day, not re-eating a whole BBQ Chicken pizza, kids are sleeping peacefully so my house will still be standing when I return.

MORNING BADS: It's morning.

EVENING GOODS: It's not morning, I can't kill them if I am not home.

EVENING BADS: It's 100+ degrees, air quality sucks, It's 100+ degrees, traffic is horrible (IOW- too many people to witness the freak show), it's been a long day, It's 100+ degrees, re-eating a whole BBQ chicken Pizza, Did I mention it's 100+ degrees? I have too much adrenaline pumping through me to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, My kids are destroying my house, I could be spending time with my husband...this list can go on forever!!!

Ummm...I changed my mind, It takes a special kind of crazy to run at night and I am very special.