Sunday, September 28, 2008

Talking To Myself....again

Life is sucking a bit more lately. I had what I thought was an unexplainable knee injury last week. I was really hurting and had no idea why. Then a few days later I got what I thought were spider bites on my inner thigh. Then a strange patch of blisters showed up on my inner knee too. The whole inner thigh connecting both patches of blisters was very tender to the touch. This is when it dawned on me, are you ready?...Ahhhh Crap! I have a Shingles out break! Yep. You heard me Shingles!
This is not the first, nor will it be my last outbreak of this lovely virus. When I wear myself out physically, mentally and emotionally for too long I get sick. It usually starts with simple things like headache, nausea. Sometimes I will get a sore throat or just break out like a hormonal teenager. When I fail to heed these warnings my body gives me it starts to shout a little louder. I imagine it saying something like this,
"Hey STUPID!" this is a cuss word in our house. So my body is being very serious now. Like I was saying, or my body was saying, "Hey STUPID, I need to rest. I tried to make you just tired and you did not rest. I tried to make your head hurt so bad that all you would want to do was close your eyes, but you just put on sunglasses, I tried to make you throw up anything you ate but you just quit feeding me not that you were giving me proper nutrition to begin with, if you were I probably would not be in the state I am in. And NO, Pepsi and chocolate donuts is NOT proper nutrition! So because you fail to heed my gentle warnings I will have to hit you with the mother load! You have to stay home because it would not be responsible of you to expose chicken pox (that is the same virus) to anyone who has not had them yet. Think of the little babies and little old grannies and gramps's out there. So stay home and don't think you'll be able to do anything but rest, because the pain is so severe you'll just want to take Benedryl and Vicodin and go to bed. So haha you body neglecting moron, take that! Maybe now you will start listening to me."

To which I reply, "Shingles is that the best you have? Shingles, really? I have four kids, a husband and a BFF and her family who all need me right now and you think a little case of Shingles is going to keep me down. I can rest when I am dead! This is in no way an invitation for you to die on me! Please give me a real warning before that happens, like maybe a headache so bad I just want to close my eyes. What's that you say? You've tried that before? Hmmm.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What Do You Get When You Cross Kiwi With Sugar & Caffeine?

(To get the appropriate "feel" for this post try reading it super fast with no pauses and quick rambly like a teenage girl talks. That is the way it is coming out of my head.)

My sister in law took my kids for a play date this evening. Wanting to take full advantage of the situation I decided I did not want to cook dinner and we should go out to eat. The conversation went something like this...Oh, wait let me set the scene first. I look like a wench, because I did not get a shower or time to brush my hair or put on make up before offering up my self to babysit for a friend all day while she sat in the ER with her husband (a whole other post). JC has done yard work and was at the time reclined in his desk chair zoned into a replay.

Me-"I'm hungry. We have no kids, if I shower and make myself presentable, do you want to go out? What sounds good?"

JC-"A glass of ice water."

I get his water and head off to the shower, do my hair, make up and get dressed, it took me 20 minutes. (Like I said, I was hungry!)

Return to the office.

JC-"What are you dressed up for?"

Me-"I said, I'm hungry! I need to eat. I am going, do you want to come or should I bring you home something?"

JC-"Oh. No I will go. Where do you want to go because I'm not dressed up and I'd need a shave...."

Me-"I'll give you thirty minutes then I'm leaving with or without you!"

He took forty, but I was feeling generous so I waited. Tell me how I was able to shower, shave, dry and straighten my hair, apply make up and be ready in twenty and all he had to do was shower and shave I even got his clothes out for him! and it took him twice as long. This is typical for us. He is soooo slow. He always makes us late. Drives me crazy. I can have myself and all four boys completely ready for church on time and he will be late. Anyway, I am off topic. We went to the Elephant Bar. We totally over ate and even had dessert. It was tasty! That was the extent of our "date". We came home and he turned on his computer. I called my SIL to tell her we were home if she was ready to unload kids and I heard the most wonderful words ever uttered...

SIL-"Can the kids stay for a sleep over?"

Me-"What, all four of them?" *crossing fingers*

Her-"Yes, if that's okay."

Me-"Sure, I will bring their things by later."*dancing a jig o' joy!*

Then I retired to the driveway to talk with my BFF. Where I talked a mile a minute because at dinner I had some three Pepsi, and it was not even diet and for dessert it was a slice giant slab of Mud Pie. Then while standing bouncing, sitting, swaying, pacing I ate devoured a few whole bag of my favorite cookies. Can you say caffeine and sugar high!! I was not even hungry for those cookies by the way. Why did I eat them then, you ask? Because I could. I could eat them with out interruption. I could eat them and not have eight grubby fists in the bag. I could eat them and savour every bite. if I had not inhaled them because I was WIRED! Woo hoo! It has been a good night. Unfortunately it is continuing to be a good night. My sugar high and caffeine induced mania has not subsided, nor do I expect it will for many, many more hours. Tomorrow, I will pay dearly for this. The kids will be home by eight. They have Primary Program practice at 10. I have boxes of apples that need to be turned into all manor of appley deliciousness tomorrow. (more on the apple picking experience when I can manage to brave Wally World to have the film developed and put on disc) I am not sure I how well I am going to be functioning come tomorrow! Oh snap, it is tomorrow!

I am like a teenager who's parents leave them alone for the first time over night. You see, this is only the second time since we've had kids that we have been childless all night. That is twice in eight years! The first time was last weekend when JC's sister took the kids for a night. You remember, that other romantic night we had together. Yeah, I am not quite sure what happens to me when the kids are gone, but I pretty much get that "woo hoo no rules" feeling that teenagers get when mom and dad leave. Watch out it's a crazy partaaaay over here! I was really having more fun when my BFF was awake. Too bad she had to go to bed. She said something about being in the ER all day, kids being home, responsibilities, yada yada....

I think my sugar high just crashed...zzzzzzzzzzzz! *drooling on the keyboard*

Friday, September 19, 2008

Keepin' It Real!

JC and I have been married ten years now. Wednesday was our anniversary. We had a real romantic evening checking email, job searching, doing dishes, playing Battlefield2 . For the first time EVER since having kids, we have no kids at home all night tonight. It's just the two of us. My sister in law took them for the night. Let me tell ya, there's a party going on here! We had a romantic dinner by candle light soup and grilled cheese sandwiches by computer light, there's been dancing with the broom as I swept the kitchen floor, Sweet nothings being whispered JC talking to his gaming clan about sound cards, Romantic movies playing Company of Heroes video game match playbacks playing, I tell you we really know how to keep the romance alive, don't cha think. I mean we haven't strayed too far from where we started ten years ago. Our dates usually consisted of dancing cheek to cheek under the stars raking or baling hay in the middle of the night or going to poetry readings and romantic restaurants going to institute and to Carrows. He proposed to me during half time of a Chicago Bulls game. It was the epitome of romantic gestures. He got down on one knee in front of millions of people, expressed his love and devotion to me, told me how I was more beautiful than a fall sunset.... He slipped a ring box in my hand as we laid on the couch in his living room. No words. No asking. No drama....there was a brief kiss that was interrupted by half time ending. That is the way we roll, it has been from day one. Like living in a romance novel. *puking*. Just keeping it real!

Friday Night Music Selection

Okay here is the Friday Night Music selection. This is Mindy Smith, One Moment More. There is something about her voice that is haunting to me. She wrote this song about her mom, who passed away.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Here is my music post for yesterday. I obviously have not worked on my slacker issues. This is Sammy Kershaw "Love of My Life". I could not get the "real" video to the song to embed, sorry. This song is very old, I know. I am posting about it because on Wednesday it is JC and my 10th wedding anniversary. This is the song he chose to do our first dance to. I think he had more of an idea of how he wanted the wedding to go than I did. Usually girls have their wedding all dreamt up from childhood. Me, not so much. JC I think did though, of course this was his second go around at wedding planning so maybe he felt he had some knowledge on the subject. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rushing Slacker


I just realized I am a slacker. Well not just realized, I've always been a slacker and I have pretty much always known I was a slacker. Like when one of my best friends had a baby and I never made it by to see her even though I kept telling her I would. Or when I could have been a straight A student but chose to slide through my education with a couple of B's because, well because I hate homework. Yes, I am a slacker. I bring this up because this last week I have been checking on my blogging buddies and thinking gosh you guys need to post something new! Then I looked at my blog this morning and realized, OH! OOPS! So do I. I realized I said I would post a music post every Friday. Um Yeah! OOPS! I kinda dropped the ball there huh? I did not even realize Friday had come and gone. I am not going to promise you it will never happen again, because I am a realistic slacker, I KNOW it will not only happen again but again and again and get the point. So sorry for my slackerness.

On a different note, I watched a really good movie last night. Dub's Heaver sent it home with me. She knows I am a slacker and is trying to catch me up on all the good movies I have missed out on. She sends a couple to me every week. Last night she rented August Rush. It's been out for a while and I have wanted to see it but well, I am a slacker. So she sent me home with it. I dropped the AC down to 68, put on my PJs, snuggled up in my recliner with my quilt and hot chocolate (pretending I actually live somewhere that PJs, quilts and hot chocolate are needed) and had myself a little chick flick night. I LOVED this movie. If you have not seen it, go now! Go rent it! It will not disappoint, except I wish they would have done more at the end. I won't go any further than to say that, because I don't want to spoil it for those who have not seen it *cough slackers! cough* Oh, I will say this, make sure you buy Kleenex while you are out renting August Rush. You will need them. This movie contained no bad language, nudity, sex or violence which scores HUGE for me. Want to know what also scores HUGE for me? One very attractive Irish man by the name of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. To listen to him talk and sing, makes me giddy like a school girl. And a not too hard on the eyes Australian, Alex O'Loughlin. Oh, and Keri Russell, I like her.