Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sk8er Boiz They Are Not!

Do you remember my rollerblade post a couple days ago? Do you remember the remarks my boys made? Uh-huh! Saturday I had a chance for payback fun with my adorable boys! A friend asked if we wanted to go to the rink with her and her son for a few hours. My boys have never skated on rollerblades or rollerskates so I saw this as the perfect payback way to introduce a new exercise to them.

I put the two younger boys down for naps with JC and loaded up the two older boys. I did not tell them where we were going or what we would be doing. They tried their hardest to guess but had no clue what torture fun activity lay ahead for them. We finally arrived and made our way over to the counter where you rent the skates. "Do you want to use blades or skates?" They were both smart enough to realize a nice rectangular base of wheels is much easier to stand on than a line of wheels, and opted for skates.

Once we were laced up, I stood up and skated over to put the shoes away. (I may not be able to rollerblade but I CAN skate). Seeing how easily and gracefully mommy can skate gave them a false sense of confidence. I could almost see the wheels turning in their little heads. I could see them thinking, look how easy it is, if mommy can do it anyone can. LOL! They both stood up and immediately fell down! Pay backs suck "Are you sure this is a good idea? Maybe you just want to sit at the table and watch mommy." LOL! They managed to get verticle again and stayed that way, until they let go of the wall. Most of the three hours were spent watching Vootz cling to the wall for dear life, like he was hanging over the Grand Canyon, while his legs were sliding about in the most unnatural of ways. Buzz used my arm like a rope swing for the first hour and a half and then he started getting the hang of it and ventured out away from my grasp but was still wobbling and falling every twenty feet. Everytime his bum hit the floor he'd look at me with a sad whiney face and I would laugh encourage him to get up and try again. After about three hours (which was only about six trips around the rink), they both said they were sore and tired and wanted to have a snack and go home.

We had some nachos and an icee and headed home. This morning, their arms were so sore from holding themselves up and their legs and bums were so sore from falling down, that I had to help them out of their jammies. They were both begging and pleading for Motrin and to get to stay in jammies and lay around all day. Mommy is not that nice. Everyone was up, dressed in Sunday best and off to church by 8:30.
I took three Motrin myself when I woke up because my abs were so sore. Sore from laughing so hard. This afternoon they asked when we could go again? So, they must have had some fun, either that or they already forgot how sore they were this morning. Either way it will be fun to go again, maybe next time we will take JC, he could use a good laugh!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun!!

Oh, here is a surreal thought for you... 10 years ago, April did my nails for the wedding. She wanted a picture from the wedding for her portfolio, other than that she wouldn't hear of being paid. She did my nails for Jerry and Ceri's wedding too... I had become an almost real client by then.

Last night she was busy with manicures and pedicures. Her starting fee was 1000.00! Yeah, my awesome manicurist is now doing nails for THE OSCARS! She did Anne Hathaway's and Johnny Depp's family's nails last night. I know she has also worked for J. Lo., Reese Witherspoon, and Melanie Griffith. Wow, has April ever moved up in the world!!


ps... if you can get JC to a roller rink (heck even if you can't) call us, it sounds like a great time!

Jeff & Holly said...

Good luck getting your hunny there. Sounds like a fun work out!

Karrie said...

random comment- it is a dobe! ding ding ding, you win!