Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Just dropping a quick post here before heading off to bed to let you know I won't be around for a couple of weeks. My computer needs a new something computer techy. JC is working on it for me now but we have to order the part so I won't be up and running again until it comes in. I am stuck with the kids computer and ya'll know how much I detest using their computer so I will see you when mine is fixed.

Have a Very Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Conversations With A Three Year Old

Me- Who's that?

Dub- Piwate Ducky. Argh Quack Quack! He got a telscope dare on dat wing.

Me- Really? What does he do with a telescope?

Dub- It's not a telscope! It's noculars. He wooks at da bad guys wif his majnation and day pways kitar.

Me- They're binoculars and He looks at the bad guys with his imagination and they are playing the guitar?

Dub- Yep.

Me- Hmm. Are you my boy?

Dub- Nope. I dad's boy. *sees Vootz playing with his soldiers* An I see dose tonks you got dare and they vroom.

Me- You're dad's boy! *fake pout*

Dub- Yep. Wook out da bad guys!

Me- Are those tanks going to vroom to the bad guys?

Dub- I wasn't talking you! I was talking Vootz!

Me- Sorry. I thought you were talking to me.

Dub- No. I talking to G Ji Joe.

Me- No. You just said you were talking to Vootz. Who are you talking to, GI Joe or Vootz?

Dub- I said I was talking to Daaad! *shakes head and rolls eyes.

Me- Okay random.

Dub- Ine not wandom! Ine W.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Buzz lost his other bottom tooth today. I noticed while I was helping him lose his other bottom tooth that his top two teeth are also loose.

Me-What are you going to do when you lose your top teeth too.

Buzz-I'm just going to grow these two in first, then I will grow out my top teeth.

Me-Hey Buzz, say sausage.



Buzz-Mommm! Don't laugh at me!

Me-Hey Buzz say, Sally sells seashells down by the sea shore!

Buzz-*tantrum* Mom quit making fun of me!

I love toothless kids! Except for the part where they wake me up at 5:30am on the ONLY morning I get to sleep in to tell me the Tooth Fairy came and only left him 2 dollars and he wanted 5. Boy will he be in for a shock to see that the going rate for subsequent teeth is only 50 cents.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Price Gouging Negativity

Today in my house sounded like this...

Get Down
Don't Do That
Stop It
Don't Touch
Close It
Sit Down
Shut It
Not Now
Knock It Off
Quiet Down
Hands Off
Get Out
Get Off

Do you ever have those days that it seems all you say is negative?

On a positive note...

Buzz lost his first tooth today. He has had both bottom teeth loose since May, he just today, lost his first one. He was not so excited about losing his teeth. He would not wiggle them, would not let me get my hand anywhere near his mouth, would not eat anything that would help loosen them. Today the new tooth finally pushed through enough that the old one was just barely hanging on. Vootz and Buzz were playing with my flash light looking down each others throats, looking for Buzz's filling, looking at uvulas, looking for who knows what else. So under the guise of cavity hunting I had him open his mouth...

Me-"Ooo I think I see one. Look Vootz right there *putting my hand in* see right *yank* oh nope it was just a loose tooth."

Buzz-"Mommmmm! Don't pull iiiit...hey is that my tooth?"

Vootz-"Yep, I told you it doesn't hurt."

Buzz-"Cool! I bet the Tooth Fairy brings me LEGO's Star Wars 2."

Vootz-"The Tooth Fairy only brings money, like maybe 20 or 60 bucks"

Me-"Like maybe 20 or 60 cents."

Buzz-"No, it's my first tooth and first teeth are worth 10 dollars. That is what K got for his last year."

Me-"Have you heard of this thing called recession?"


I think we need to have a Tooth Fairy Union meeting to come up with a plan to establish an equal market.

Old Man Winter Is Knocking

I survived the first week of four thirty mornings! Two or three of those mornings the boys had 3 hour fog delays, I am not sure what days or how many because the days seem to just be running together. When they have delays they don't go to school until 11 and don't get out until 3:30 which leaves only time in the afternoon to do homework, eat dinner, feed the animals, shower and go to bed. Which is kind of nice that they don't have time to destroy the house I cleaned while they were at school but it has been hard for them not to have any outside play time. They don't get hardly any free play outside at school so when they get home they are ready to run wild, race bikes, play GI Joe, Spies, Hide and Seek and Tag. They were excited about the sunshine and no fog we had today, unfortunately we still could not go out side to play because we had two very aggressive pit bulls, who had already bitten another child and charged my friend, roaming our street.

One last thing. Old Man Winter only knocks here about every 10 years. It is that time again. It has been fairly cold, for here anyway. We don't usually get more than sweatshirt weather in these parts so I am very unequipped for anything colder than 50 degrees. We have had Christmas's when we've worn shorts and t-shirts. I don't even think anyone around here has a "winter coat" that consists of more than a heavy weight hoodie. This morning when I walked the boys to school I am not sure what temperature it was but it was pretty cold and windy. I am not complaining mind you...I like winter, it is my favorite season. It would be nice if I was prepared for it though, maybe with a coat, a fireplace not that we can use them here or maybe a car for those cold drizzly mornings. Dub has not been too thrilled about the temperatures. He is usually still asleep when it is time to go so I have to pull him out of his nice snuggley bed, throw on his socks and sweatshirt, wrap him in a blanket and bed him down in the wagon. He cries. Today I thought the tears might actually freeze to his cheeks. He also refuses to get dressed all day. He will not take his pj's off even long enough to get dressed because he doesn't want to be cold. It is suppose to be much colder this coming week, in fact they are talking about possible snow showers on the valley floor. I might just have to find me a coat somewhere.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Four Thirty AM Cake Ball Coma

A few things...

Why is it that on days the boys and I can sleep in they always wake up at the crack of dawn? But on days we have to get up and go I can't hardly drag them out of bed? Like on Saturday, they were all awake at 6:30 but Sunday, I had to wake every one of them up at 7:30 and make them get out of bed for church. Today is a 3 hour fog delay, they don't have to be to school until 11:00am they were all up at 6:40. Not that today it really matters much to me, I was up at 4:30 to send JC off to work. I was not planning on going back to bed, but I kind of was looking forward to the quiet time alone.

Monday was JC's first day at his new job. He likes it okay, but it will take some getting use to being an employee and not the boss. I have a guilt thing going on though. I get up at 4:30 to prepare breakfast, pack his lunch etc. when he leaves sometimes I want to crawl back under the covers, it's warm there, and sleep until the kids get up, but I can't. I feel so guilty that he is having to be up that I feel like I should be up too. I also feel guilty if I am doing nothing. i.e. right now, sitting at the desk blogging while he is bustin' his bum making a living for us...totally feeling the guilt. I have started accomplishing so much during the day while he is gone. When he was home "doing nothing" I did nothing, well not nothing I have four boys and a husband to care for after all, but not as much as I should have been doing. Now I accomplish so much that by 2 pm I am walking around wondering what else I can do to stay busy, because I can't sit down and relax, that would not be fair, JC is not sitting down relaxing. Then I remember I should probably pick up my kids from school. Then I wonder how long I could leave them there before the school calls me to come get them. I find out, not more than 10 min. There is homework to do, snacks to get and dinner to start. When all that is done I still find myself walking around the house just looking for something to do that makes me feel like I am being productive.

Yesterday, I made cake balls as a way of "being productive". This guilt thing of mine could so be a bad thing. When I run out of things to do I usually end up puttering around in the kitchen. More food is the last thing JC and I both need. We were actually going to use this new chapter in our lives to start getting healthier. You know, not sitting at the computer all day, doing nothing but snacking and hoping that clicking the mouse burns off an insane amount of calories. Looks like I am going to have to find a new hobby, but not before I try the cake balls with Red Velvet cake, Cream Cheese frosting and White Chocolate coating. I think I will also make a batch for my dad with German Chocolate cake, German Chocolate frosting and Carmel coating rolled in toasted coconut and pecans. Oooo maybe a batch with Fudge cake, Mint frosting and Dark Chocolate coating....Ohh the possibilities!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How do you spell spoiled? D-U-B!

I woke up Rub to take him to the bathroom before I went to bed last night. Well, as woke up as a four year old gets at midnight. I stood behind him at the toilet because I learned early on that kids never really wake up all the way for these late night bathroom visits and have a tendency to walk away from the toilet still spraying or just fail to aim completely. Since he was only half awake I had him propped up against my legs and the little stinker (pun totally intended)toots on me, no, not a cute little boy toot, a full on man fart!

Me totally overstating the obvious- "Hey you tooted on me!"

Rub- *mumbles something*

Me- "What?"

Rub-*more mumbling*

Me-"What? I can't understand you."

Rub *sounding a bit perturbed now* "I saaaidd, Whooo caaares!"

Me-"I care, it was my leg you blasted."

Rub-*sounding very valley-ish* "what ever"

I got my order of See's Gourmet Lolly Pops yesterday. I ordered them from a kid up the street who was doing a fundraiser. I was so excited. The lolly pops are the only See's candy I like, and ohhh do I like them!

Dub had a late nap yesterday and so it was no surprise that he was not asleep at nine last night. I had been in the living room watching something on the tv but got bored so I came into the office with JC. Dub was suppose to be in his bed.

Dub standing in the office doorway with his hands on his hips.-"ahem, eccuse me. You're stupost to be in your wivving woom!" *holding his right hand out like Vana White toward the living room.*

Me-" ahem, excuse me, you're suppose to be in your bed."

Dub-"No! No I not. I stupost to be pwaying twains *spies my lolly pop* an I need a wick on that wawwy you got dare."

Me-"No you're not suppose to be playing trains, no you don't need a lick of my lolly.

Dub-"Yes! Dad telled me that."

Me-"I did not hear dad tell you anything"

Dub-"Yes! He telled me that with his wittle voice."

Me-"Dub, I did not hear dad whisper anything to you with his little voice, besides dad doesn't even know how to whisper with a little voice. Go to bed!"

Dub *crawls into his dad's lap where he is given a lick of JC's lolly pop and allowed to stay comfortable seated.*

Can you say spoiled little Daddy's boy! I can, DUB! See how nicely I said that. And don't even get me started on the cavity issues there!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Romeo Can't Play Today, He's Grounded!

My 8 year old has always had a girl crazy streak, even as a baby but I came across something while I was cleaning today that just freaked me out a bit. I found a letter he had written to a classmate and this is what it said...

Dear Maekena,
I like love you. I haven't had the time to tell you.

OH...MY...GOSH! He is 8! Aren't girls suppose to have cooties? I am glad he never "had the time" to give it to her. Or maybe he did, maybe that was just a rough draft. I don't know. I decided I need to have a talk with him about girls and what is appropriate at his age. As I am having this revelation the phone rings...

P-"Hello, Mrs. Moncur?"
P-"This is Mrs. P. Vootz is okay, I don't want you to be alarmed. But he is having some trouble today with being distracted, talking, not listening and not getting his work done. I just wanted to make you aware of the situation."
Me-"Okay, thank you. I will have a talk with him when he gets home and we will solve the problem. Thank you for keeping me informed."
P-"No problem Mrs. Moncur Thank you. I will be looking forward to a better day with Vootz tomorrow. Bye"

Double Whammy! When I picked Vootz up from school he had that hang dog look on his face. He knew Mrs. P had called me and he knew he was going to be in trouble. He sulked all the way home. When we got home I called him into the office and shut the door...

Me-"Umm, Vootz who is Maekena?"

Vootz-"Just a friend mom" looking around frantically trying to figure out how I knew about Maekena and why I wasn't talking about his behavior at school today. Then he spies the letter in my hand. "What!? That's mine! I had it in my own personal journal stuff! Mom! You're not suppose to read people's private property!"

Me-"First of all Vootz, as long as you live under my roof for free, you have no private property. Second of all, I found this on the floor of your bedroom, not in your journal. Third, you should not be telling girls that you love them."

Vootz-"It's not like that mom! I mean I love her like a friend. And those brothers of mine got into my stuff mom! I had that with my baseball cards and my journal and they are not suppose to touch them. I put a sign on them that said to keep out!"

Me-"Maybe, if you mean it like a friend next time you should just say that you like her and are glad that you are friends, not that you love her. The only girls you should say that to are mommy, aunts and grandmas. You know that there is to be no hugging, kissing or holding hands right? No girlfriends Vootz until you are in high school, remember? And if you don't want your brothers who CANNOT read to get into your things a sign that they have to read is probably not your best choice right? Maybe you should try putting your stuff away in your drawer that they cannot reach next time. Also we don't have any secrets from mom and dad okay. If there is something you cannot talk to us about then it is something you should not be doing. If you do it anyway, you will get in trouble and don't think we won't find out about it because we will. Parents always do, it is like a super power we have. So, no secrets, Deal?

Vootz-"Okay mom. Can I have a snack now?" walking out the door.

Me-"HOLD IT! I am not done with you. Sit down!"

Vootz-Flops back into the chair and rolls his eyes.

Me-"Unless you want me to knock those eyes out of your head don't you dare roll them at me again!"

Vootz-"Sorry mom, I've just had a bad day okay!" *tears flowing* "And you're just going to make it worse. Sometimes I just can't sit still, I just get tired of school and I have so much going on in my head and I just need to talk it out.

The conversation continued on for about an hour so I won't bore you with anymore dialog. Let me just say, I am sorry mom and dad for all the hell I put you through as a kid and all those times you cursed me to have a kid just like me! Yep thanks alot, are ya happy now? Want to know what he had going on in his head that was so important to talk about? My brother got in a car accident in his patrol car Saturday and he said he was worried about Uncle J. and was wondering how the crash happened if the other patrol car hit him on the side or in the front and if Uncle J's car flipped over....So I guess he was talking through how he figured the accident went down to his neighbor and then after being told to quit talking to the neighbor he was talking it out to himself and got in trouble. brother is fine. A little sore with some little scratches and bruises but just fine. His car however, not so much. And the guy they were chasing was caught so that is good.