Thursday, April 23, 2015

Really, Is It Too Much To Ask?

I told you that I don't have anything nice to say and I am not going to sugar coat it. I have a bone to pick with someone or multiple some ones!  Listen up people this is a serious pet peeve and we are going to shed some light on it!

Thirst is a major issue for me.  If I am thirsty, I cannot focus on anything!  Thirst is an all consuming thought.  Ever want to slowly torture me, that's the way to do it.  Just let me be thirsty.  The problem is I am always thirsty.  When we go out to eat, even my boss knows to tell the waiter to leave the water pitcher on the table.  The next problem is that I have the worlds smallest bladder.  The third problem is I am an obsessive a bit of a germaphobe, which brings me to my pet peeve.

I have probably visited most of the public restrooms in this town at least once. I know I should not expect much from a public restroom, and honestly I don't.  All I ask is that they have toilet paper, soap, water and A FREAKING HOOK TO HANG MY PURSE, SHOPPING BAGS AND JACKET ON!! I don't even care if I have to squat over the toilet because there aren't seat covers, and you know what, I even have Kleenex in my purse so I don't even care if you have sandpaper  toilet paper, but is it too much to ask that you hang a 3M hook on the door?

I started keeping track of this last month on our 5 State Public Bathroom Tour, otherwise known as The 12 Moncur, 3 Car Caravan Trip to Idaho.  Then I had to go to the Doctor, which just solidified my pet peeve.  The Doctor's office you would think would have a pretty nice, clean, user friendly bathroom right? No. Of course not. That would make too much sense.  Here, go give us a urine sample, by the way we don't believe in doing routine bathroom checks to make sure they are clean and well stocked so don't be surprised to find pee on the floor, no seat covers, no toilet paper and no working faucet (that is a whole new post).  BUT you know what you won't find?....A HOOK TO HANG YOUR STUFF ON!  So go ahead and hold your purse while you try to pull up your skirt, pull down your pantyhose, holding a pee cup and all while you are wearing 4" heels and squatting over our ridiculously dirty toilet and trying to avoid stepping in the pee puddles left by the last person who was probably trying to attempt the same maneuver. 

So I really started paying attention to how many bathrooms are "user friendly", and you know what?  The answer is NOT MANY!  So listen up public restroom owners!  All restrooms should have these basic amenities...#1 a hook or table to place belongings #2 soap #3 water.  Bonus amenities: toilet paper, seat covers and paper towels! 

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Name Isn't Willy Wonka

Hello!  Guess what?  I am back!  I took a very long hiatus, thinking I really didn't have much to say that was all that interesting or if I had to say something it probably wasn't very nice and shouldn't be said.  Well guess what?  I still don't have anything to say that is all that interesting or nice, but I'm gonna say it anyway, because it's never stopped me before!  I don't know why I got all "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" on you.  It's not like I grew a conscious all of a sudden. I think Facebook sucked out a lot of my desire to write, with constant status updates ya'll already know in a nutshell what my day was and I didn't think it needed repeating again by being blogged.  Facebook was like the Cliff Notes version of my blog.  But I was standing in the shower tonight thinking about a lot of things I'd like to say and trying to condense them into the Facebook appropriate version and length and I just couldn't do it!  I refuse to shorten my thoughts and shut off my sarcasm any longer.  I refuse to sugarcoat crap, I am not Willy Wonka!  If you want chocolate covered BS, look elsewhere because you won't find it here!  BS maybe, but not chocolate coated. 

That being said, Let me just say THANK YOU to all of you who kept checking back or who are checking in for the first time!  I logged on today and saw that I had 165 page views yesterday alone?!?!? WOW!  That's I don't know...Awesome!?  I am not sure how that happens when I haven't been on in so long that I couldn't even remember my password.  Welcome to my Blog, stick around, comment, make yourself comfy but please keep your comments clean and don't spam me with crap!