Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reasons I Love My Big Brother!

1. For not being mad at me for dating your friends but making sure they treated me well.

2. For trying to keep away the boys you knew would get me into trouble or break my heart.

3. Always protecting me and standing up for me even if it meant getting yourself suspended.

4. For listening to me and loving me even when I was making bad choices that you weren't happy about.

5. For teaching me about spark plugs the hard way, a lesson I have never forgotten! (never be dumb enough to hold the spark plug because your big brother tells you that's how to start the lawn mower!)

6. For teaching me the hard way that metal conducts electricity, a lesson I have never forgotten. (electric fences will still shock you through a quarter.)

7. For taking me to high school orientation even though it wasn't cool to be seen with your little sister, because you knew it would be far less cool for me to be seen with mom!

8. For all the practice I got wrapping presents because you had me wrap all your Christmas presents for everyone including my own!

9. For the Happy 16th Birthday note you scribbled out on a corner of torn up binder paper and left on my desk, that showed you remembered and loved me. P.s. I still have it!

10. For giving me a beautiful sister in law and precious niece who I love so much!

11. For being the BEST UNCLE EVER to my boys!

12. For being you!

Happy Birthday! I Love you!


jennifer said...

That is really sweet! I hope my son is as good to his sister as your brother was to you.

Jeff & Holly said...

I love seeing families that really love each other. It is a gift to have that kind of closeness. I love that picture! You are beautiful!