Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh, Don't Worry, It's Just Money, Your Ability To Own A Home...

I will be honest, I almost never answer our land line because anyone who wants to talk to me, that I want to talk to has my cell phone number. If they don't have my cell number then chances are they are sales people and I don't want to talk to them. Same goes for JC and his cell phone. The people who know us, know our cell numbers, the people who don't know us we don't generally want to talk to. Anyway to the point of the story. Monday night the land line rang and I was standing right there and wasn't doing anything so I answered it.

Caller: Is Mr. Moncur there?

Me: No. (which technically was not a lie, he wasn't there, he was in his office.) This is his wife, may I take a message for him.

Caller: This is Blah Blah* calling from Wells Fargo Bank. We are showing an outstanding balance of $253.78 on your revolving credit line.

Me: Umm. We don't have a credit line with you. In fact we don't even have an account with you. When was this credit line open?

Caller: It is a revolving line of credit and the account is under JC Moncur.

Me: I understand that, but when was it open, because he hasn't banked with you for almost 12 years. He doesn't have a line of credit with you or any other bank for that matter. So if there is an account there in his name that means someone has stolen his identity.

Caller: It says JC Moncur.

Me: Yes, I get that his name is on it, BUT he did not open an account with you.

Caller: Can you hold? *click, start annoying static/music here*

Me: Hmm... So glad you waited for the answer to that question.

15 minutes later.

Caller: Mam, I am sorry, it seems I was mistaken. Someone has your husbands old account number so when I entered the number in the computer your information came up. I am sorry to have worried you.

Me: So, our account that has been closed for 12 years, is now someone else's, but you have ALL of our current information on file. We have changed phone numbers at least four times since that account closed. Is there some way to remove us from the system so our credit doesn't accidentally get mixed up with his?

Caller: Oh, no your credit won't get mixed up.

Me: Well at the very least so as not to send me into a panic again.

Caller: Oh, this is very rare, I can assure you.

Me: I would like to have our information removed please.

Caller: Can you hold please. *click

Me: Hello? Hello? *dial tone.

I have been on the phone, on hold three times for no less than 20 minutes each time. I will be going to Wells Fargo on Monday to have a discussion with a manager in person, since there doesn't seem to be one living in India!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Drive

While driving home from church one Sunday we decided to take a side trip through a little neighborhood to look at a house JC has been drooling over curious about. He tells me, "It looks like it is vacant, the lawn is dead, the weeds have taken over, the windows are under three layers of grime and there are cobwebs galore, but it has a lot of potential. It is a huge corner lot, with a two story playhouse in back and big shade trees." Then we turn the corner and the garage door is open and there are cars parked in it. That blows the vacant theory. The new theories are #1 They are the coolest haunted house on Halloween and they are preparing early for the most realistic look. OR #2 Their neighbors must really be irked at them for driving down the property value by not taking care of their lot.

Then Buzz says, "If we lived here we'd for sure get to ride the bus to school!"

Me- "Buzz, if we lived here you wouldn't go to your school. You would have to go to a new school, with new friends and new teachers."

Buzz- "Nuhuh! NO WAY are we moving HERE! I AM NOT going to a new school!"

Rub- "If we moved to Texas we'd take the bus for sure!"

JC- "Why Texas Rub?"

Rub- "So I can own a handgun silly."


Later we were having "John Wayne Movie Sunday" and Rub says, "I can't be John Wayne because he's got a lasso and I don't have one."

Me- *mouthed to JC with raised eyebrows*- "A lasso? This boy is somethin' else."

JC- "You're a smart boy Rub."

Rub-"Well more or less."

I'm starting to wonder about this boy. A few weeks ago we had lunch with my mom at her office. Her desk is behind a large glass window that separates her from the lobby. Rub and Dub were in the lobby watching a movie while mom and I visited. When I looked through the window to check on them Rub passed his hand over his face in what I recognized as sign language, but could not remember what it meant.

Me- Hey Rub is that sign language?

Rub- Yes

Me- Mommy doesn't know what that means.

Rub- *flirty grin* "beautiful"

Me and mom in chorus- "awwww"

That's my boy!!

I'll Make The List, You Check It Twice

It's been rumored that I died, or at least that my blog died. Not true, we are alive and kickin'! Well kinda. My computer kicked the bucket, my vacuum died, and I haven't had time during the day to blog because I have been picking up every little piece of sand, popcorn and lint from my carpet by hand been just plain busy and at night I don't have access to JC's computer because he's home from work and thinks he should get to use his computer, imagine that. I was hoping to be able to get a laptop for Christmas but I had to buy a new vacuum instead. JC said something about "Cleanliness is next to...blah, blah, yackity smakity...." anyway no new laptop for me. You can mourn for me now, even though I am still alive, I feel as though I have died. My dreams of blogging from bed and of having my online recipe book open on the counter in the kitchen while I cook have been crushed! Smashed into little bits, that I will have to vacuum up with my new vacuum. *sniff, sniff* Santa if you are reading this, I still believe in you. I have been wonderfully good and sweet this year most of the time, except when I wasn't. I would like a new laptop for Christmas. That's all, just a laptop. Oh and some new perfume, it's called Inspiration. That's it. Just a laptop, and new perfume, and a new LBD, because I ate too many chocolate donuts to wear my old black dress my old back dress shrunk two sizes. That's all. Just three things. A laptop, inspiration and a new dress with some new heels and pearls...maybe I should just mail you my list. You're still at the North Pole right? Thanks Santa, I'll be waiting.