Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr. Kirby Had His Cake and Now His Sprinkles Too!

Last night was cake mix, tonight was sprinkles! Not just any sprinkles, noooo they had to be the little teeny tiny balls that roll everywhere when you try to sweep them up. I had to use the vacuum, again. This time, I had to take the vacuum apart and put on the hard floor attatchment. I tried to just use the regular head and the sprinkles sucked right through and flew out the back. It felt like a million little teeny beebees pelting my legs and feet. He had the ENTIRE bottle empty on the kitchen floor! I know you are wondering why no one was watching him so let me just tell you. I just took him out of the bathtub, I told him to go lay down in the hall (we keep the diapers in the hall closet), I dried off Rub and went to put their diapers on for bed and there was Rub but no Dub! I diaper Rub while calling for Dub to come lay down.
Dub-I put this way firts mommy!
Me- Put what away first Dub?
Dub-I put this shake shake way firts!
Me thinking to myself- Shake shake? What the heck is he talking about?
I walk into the kitchen and he is jumping up and down, shaking the sprinkles bottle with the lid off, sprinkles flying everywhere and singing..."shake, shake yo moccas!"
Me- What are you doing?!
Dub- I shake my moccas
Me-No, No you are not shaking your moraccas! You are shaking sprinkles all over the floor! Go lay down so I can put your diaper and jammies on NOW!
Dub-I frow this way firts mommy, is all gone!
Me- Ya think! Irrrr!

Good News is house smells like spice cake again. Bad News...I have a toddler with an obvious fascination for the pantry!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nekked and Habbin' Cake!

I went grocery shopping this afternoon. I put Dub down for a nap and plopped Buzz and Rub in front of a movie and said be good for dad and stay out of trouble. JC was cleaning up his desk in the office. I picked Vootz up from school and headed to the store.

I LOVE to go grocery shopping, ALONE! I like to stroll up and down the isles and look at all the different foods, compare prices, enjoy not being hung all over, enjoy not hearing "mommmmm!" every two minutes, smile a knowing smile at the poor lady who's kid is throwing a major tantrum in the cereal isle. Grocery time is my time. When I have to take a kid, or heaven help me more than one kid, to the store with me it totally ruins it for me. I then, have to be the poor lady who is getting the knowing smile from other alone mothers. Today was not much different. Vootz is old enough to know better than to throw a tantrum but he still pulls things off the shelf and begs for them, still walks around unaware and backwards and is on and off the cart making it impossible to push straight. He tries very hard to be helpful to me and bag the groceries, but I am very anal about how I bag my groceries, so that just makes me frustrated. Then I had to try to fit all my groceries, my son and myself in the front of the truck with out smashing any smashables. Anyway long story short, by the time we got home I was just plain tired! Too tired for what transpires next.

When I walked through the front door I see the child, who was suppose to be napping, has snuck out of his bed and helped himself to something, though at the time I wasn't quite sure what it was. I get a little closer and he says all sweet, innocent and proud of himself...
"I'n habbing cake mommy."

Oh Crap! He has gotten into the pantry, pulled down a box of spice cake mix that I was going to use to make these cookies, he has opened the box and put it goodness knows where and opened the bag right down the center. Now here he sits in a pile of cake mix on my carpeted dining room (What kind of crazy men people carpet an every day dining room? That is a whole other rant there!)He is shoving handfuls of dry cake mix into his mouth and loving it. (I should have snapped a picture, because it is really something that you should have seen!) I scooped him up, swatted his backside, washed off his hands and face amidst cries of, "I was habbing cake! I'n hungwee!" and sent him to his dad who had no clue he was even awake. My kids are sneaky like that. I vacuumed up the mess and went to throw away the bag and what do I see in the trash can? The box, the kid amazes me, he actually is still good when he is being bad. He always throws his trash away! Good boy Dub!

Now I notice that Rub is nekked, as usual.
Me- "Rub, why are you nekked?"
Rub-"My cwoves was making me hot and fwetty so I frowed em in the waundry!"
Me-"Fine, but at least put your underwear on! We don't walk around nekked!"
And do you think his clothes were in the laundry? No, no they weren't. They were in the bathroom trash can! Which seems to be mistaken for the laundry basket and the laundry basket for the trash can by both Dub and Rub on a regular basis.

I am feeling the grey hair sprout out of my head and my little crease in my forehead is quickly becoming a canyon! Good news though, I vacuumed the rest of my house and now it smells like spice cake and I did not even have to bake anything. Bad news, the smell is making me REALLY hungry and I have No spice cake mix to bake with!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sk8er Boiz They Are Not!

Do you remember my rollerblade post a couple days ago? Do you remember the remarks my boys made? Uh-huh! Saturday I had a chance for payback fun with my adorable boys! A friend asked if we wanted to go to the rink with her and her son for a few hours. My boys have never skated on rollerblades or rollerskates so I saw this as the perfect payback way to introduce a new exercise to them.

I put the two younger boys down for naps with JC and loaded up the two older boys. I did not tell them where we were going or what we would be doing. They tried their hardest to guess but had no clue what torture fun activity lay ahead for them. We finally arrived and made our way over to the counter where you rent the skates. "Do you want to use blades or skates?" They were both smart enough to realize a nice rectangular base of wheels is much easier to stand on than a line of wheels, and opted for skates.

Once we were laced up, I stood up and skated over to put the shoes away. (I may not be able to rollerblade but I CAN skate). Seeing how easily and gracefully mommy can skate gave them a false sense of confidence. I could almost see the wheels turning in their little heads. I could see them thinking, look how easy it is, if mommy can do it anyone can. LOL! They both stood up and immediately fell down! Pay backs suck "Are you sure this is a good idea? Maybe you just want to sit at the table and watch mommy." LOL! They managed to get verticle again and stayed that way, until they let go of the wall. Most of the three hours were spent watching Vootz cling to the wall for dear life, like he was hanging over the Grand Canyon, while his legs were sliding about in the most unnatural of ways. Buzz used my arm like a rope swing for the first hour and a half and then he started getting the hang of it and ventured out away from my grasp but was still wobbling and falling every twenty feet. Everytime his bum hit the floor he'd look at me with a sad whiney face and I would laugh encourage him to get up and try again. After about three hours (which was only about six trips around the rink), they both said they were sore and tired and wanted to have a snack and go home.

We had some nachos and an icee and headed home. This morning, their arms were so sore from holding themselves up and their legs and bums were so sore from falling down, that I had to help them out of their jammies. They were both begging and pleading for Motrin and to get to stay in jammies and lay around all day. Mommy is not that nice. Everyone was up, dressed in Sunday best and off to church by 8:30.
I took three Motrin myself when I woke up because my abs were so sore. Sore from laughing so hard. This afternoon they asked when we could go again? So, they must have had some fun, either that or they already forgot how sore they were this morning. Either way it will be fun to go again, maybe next time we will take JC, he could use a good laugh!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rubby's Important Things to Remember.

As I am loading the dishwasher Jake informs me:

"Mom, we shouldn't eat trash, that would be yucky! We shouldn't eat dirt either, or mud that would be really yucky. We shouldn't eat Jesus Christ either because he's in charge of the church."

Gotta love the thought process of a four year old.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rollerblades... Bad, Donuts...Good!

I had always wanted a pair of rollerblades since they came out, and asked for a pair every Christmas and Birthday. Finally after I married JC I gave up on someone buying me a pair and decided to buy my own. I only had them about a week before I found out I was pregnant with Vootz. So I had to put them away, doctors orders. He is a smart enough man to realize that I am not coordinated enough to walk and chew gum, much less be on blades. I trip over a loose piece of carpet in his office every time I go in that I should be resting. So for my health and that of my unborn child I put them in the closet. They have stayed in the closet for more than eight years now.

I decided to be a little active over the weekend. The weather was nice and the boys have been a little stir crazy so I thought we would go out front and they could ride their bikes and I would rollerblade with them. Note to self: a week in blades eight years ago doesn't a rollerblader make! As I was sitting in the garage putting the blades on Buzz says to me, in a tone that clearly says he is unsure mom has the ability to be doing this...
"Mom you're going to ride those?"

Me-"yes, I am"

Buzz-"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Me-"why? You don't think I can rollerblade?"

Buzz-"I don't know, can you? I am going to go get Vootz."
A few minutes later he returns with Vootz.

Buzz-" See, I told you. Are you sure this is a good idea?"
Me-"I thought it was but I am starting to wonder now, thanks for the vote of confidence!"

Vootz-"Relax Buzz, Mom has had those rollerblades for like 39 years!"

Me-*choking* "39 years? Just how old do you think I am?"


They start walking off, talking to each other...
Buzz- "She thinks she is still young. She's gonna hurt herself, and Dad is gonna have to scrape her off the street, and he won't be happy about that."

Vootz-"But maybe we'll get McDonalds for dinner if she gets hurt bad and can't cook."
*feeling the love*
It takes me a few minutes, but I get to a standing position and realize, to get to the street I have to go down the driveway. I cling to the side of JC's truck and side step down until I run out of truck to hold on to. Standing there trying to figure out my next move Buzz returns, "see, I told you that wasn't a good idea." Good thing for that boy that mommy was too chicken to let go of the truck, for fear of falling on her bum loves him so much that she would never think of ringing his little neck.

I did finally make it unscathed to the street even though I flailed my arms about like a chicken trying to take flight. I made it to the end of the culdesac and back twice before I realized, Buzz was right, this is not a good idea! My legs and hips already hurt and I haven't even fallen yet. I am probably not going to be able to get myself from standing to seated and back to standing on my own for the next couple of days. Which makes it kinda difficult to go pee. Oh crap! How am I going to go from standing to seated in these to get them off? I am old, too old to be picking up new physical activities! I think I should stick to walking. I edged over to the grass and plopped down sat down gracefully. And I thought about McDonalds for dinner after all this activity, but I was not going to let my boys have the pleasure of being right that high fat, unbalanced meal for dinner. It just would not be responsible parenting. Not after the donuts I bought for breakfast
BTW- Rollerblading uses muscles you never knew you had!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cazy Addict Lady Rambles On and On and On...

So I have come to the conclusion that I might be starting to have an addiction problem. I roll out of bed in the morning and chug from the 2l jug pour a glass of Diet Pepsi to drink with my Kellog's Special K Red Berry waffle, everyone else drinks coffee for their morning caffeine boost, so why can't I drink a Diet Pepsi? I return to the bottle several times through out the day. Come to think of it, I return to the waffles several times through out the day too. I decided I was probably drinking more soda than a person really needed to unless that person is JC, in which case just hook up the IV it will save many trips back and forth to the kitchen and also the constant flow guarantees your safety, because when actual blood flows through his veins he gets kinda cranky! , so I decided NO more soda. I decided that I should probably drink milk with my waffle like normal people do and have more water and maybe some juice when I needed a little pick me up. Man, I turned into a ...well lets just say I was not a nice person to be around. I decided to gradually wean myself off the soda slowly for the safety and well being of those around me and while I was at it I should probably start eating something other than those waffles for breakfast before I got addicted to those too... ahh who are we kidding, it was too late for that too. I needed to set some guidelines like, pour my soda into a cup, no more sneak chugging from the bottle (before you get all grossed out btw, I am the ONLY person who drinks that soda. I do NOT share my soda yet another sign that I might just have a problem!) I decided that I could fill my special (12oz) glass with soda twice a day.

I thought I was doing good until, and here is where it gets shady...I noticed that when I would pour JC a glass of Dr. Pepper, some how before I could get it from the kitchen to the office, I would have to go back and refill it two or three times. Now, I had to ask myself, does this count? I only filled my special glass twice a day, I did not chug -a- lug from the jug, I am following my guidelines. Isn't it like when you are counting calories and while you are clearing the table you just kinda nibble the left overs ...those calories don't count because you did not actually put them on your plate right? My BFF Melissita assures me they don't count, but my Weight Watchers coach says they do. Dang it! So right about the time I came to the realization that I was probably not doing a great job weaning myself off the diet soda or dieting for that matter, I got sick. I went days with nothing more than water and a handful of pretzels. Until my food addiction kicked in and we did Mauricios. But, I realized that I had a good jump start on my problem! Yea me! Then my other BFF Angela brought me a Vitamin Water to help me feel better. Now guess what? You guessed it! I am hooked on Vitamin Water. I have kicked the soda habit and traded it for a higher calorie, sugar filled water. But hey, it is full of vitamins! Listen to the crazy addict lady justify her addiction!

Oh, and yes, I started W.W. again because I am an addict! I am addicted to food, I am addicted to sugary 1%juice waters with vitamins, I am addicted to frozen waffles, I am addicted to cinnamon bears, Sour Patch Kids, Yorks and Milk Duds, chocolate donutettes and sausage MrGriddles. And being addicted to those things has the fat cells addicted to my bum, and they are breeding and multiplying folks! It's not good. 1 pound down before I ate a half a bag of Doritos, a jelly donut and two Vitamin Waters 19 pounds to go! Now if I could just get addicted to exercise!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Yesterday Jc was out and about, running various errands. Around 3 he called me and asked, "what is today?"
"It is Wednesday, the 13th."
"Oh, it's not the 14th?"
"No, thank you for thinking of me though."

Just because I know you are all wondering...
I got beautiful, red roses! He scored extra points by picking up the 5 y/o from school (all hyped up on sugar from his Valentines Day party) and taking him to lunch! And scored even more when he bought chocolate hearts for each of the boys, what a Great Dad! And his present from me was the ridiculously expensive new graphics card he bought for his computer while out with the sugar high 5 y/o and the new game he bought while he was out yesterday, which together, cost so much that a pair of Nikes and some new capris are definately in order.
I also gave him a card with a pack of Big Red in it. 'Cause he is "HOT!" And 'cause I "chews" him. Because I am corny like that. And I made him dinner, not that I don't always frequently do that, but a special filet with potato and peas. I hate peas so this was nice of me to make him his favorite veg. that I would have to eat too, because I can't make the kids eat their veg if I don't eat mine. And I don't make filet except on Valentines Day and his birthday because dang it's pricey! Anyhoo... it is a nice start to what promisses to be a fantastic night, if I can drag him away from his computer and get him to stop talking about how this new card is so much better. Happy Valentines Day! BTW sweetheart if you are reading this, I am pretty sure you are not, because you never do, but if you are...I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE GREATEST! (oh, and I just finished my yoga...*wink wink*)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Selves as Compulsive Eaters

Here is a list of the characters in this story.
Taste Buds to be played by Badself
Stomach to be played by Goodself/Common Sense
Do you see where we are going here?

So, incase you hadn't already figured out, I am a light weight. Not literally, I carry more chub than I should, but when it comes to medications it doesn't take much to make me "out of it" or very "hung over feeling". Which are not feelings that I am particularly fond of. After more than fourty-eight hours of being under the influence of very strong prescription medications, and unable to eat due to the "hung over" feeling...

Taste Buds- "Its been fourty-eight hours! You are a compulsive eater, You don't go fourty-eight minutes without food! And it's been TWO DAYS since we've tasted anything except chlorinated water and cough syrup that tastes like rubbing alcohol. We need FOOOOD!"

Stomach-I agree, it is time to eat something. Maybe some French Onion Soup from Mimi's. That sounds good and easy to stomach.

Taste Buds- Soup? Are you joking? No! No! No! Italian! Cheesey, garlic breadsticks and chicken fettucini alfredo from Joseph's and a large diet pepsi, we need pepsi.

Stomach- not on your life, I'll never be able to keep that down. Maybe some minestrone soup, plain bread sticks and herbal tea.

Taste Buds- No, wait! Mexican! Chips and hot salsa with guacamole, wet chilie verde burrito from Mauricios and the diet pepsi. MMM! That's it! That's what I want and I won't settle for anything less. I will crave that until I get it, making us miserable.

Stomach-Oh, we'll be miserable alright. Anyway, you strike it I lose.

You all know what it is like to have an unsatisfied craving don't you? It eats at you. It is constantly on your mind. You dream about it, you smell it, this sentence is making me sound like a weirdo! Anyway, I decide to skip a dose of cough meds, so my stomach will settle enough to eat something. I decided that Mauricio's was what I really what I wanted only being five minutes away was the best choice, so as not to have to drive down town, while I was so sick and exhausted. We all remember my last trip downtown right? 'Nuff said. So off to Mauricio's we went with total disreguard for the other diners and their health because dang it I was hungry and didn't have any food in the house because I had been sick in bed for a week and no one else knows where the grocery store is.
Long story not so short, I ate some chips and salsa and two diet pepsis, took two bites of my burrito and was about to heave up Jonah, spew, blow chunks. feeling less than well. JC couldn't pay that bill fast enough! I had never been so relieved to be standing outside in the middle of the night in February wearing nothing but jeans and a t-shirt. Until the shivers started. Do you know what it is like to be nausiated, and achy all over and get the shivers? The good news is, all the salsa really cleared my congestion.
Next day...
The left overs are calling.....
Yes, yes I did! What part of compulsive eater did you not understand?

Friday, February 8, 2008

JC, the Google Hog!

I love Google, it is my favorite search engine. Have you ever Googled yourself? I Googled myself. I Googled my real name, my blog and every user name I have ever used. You know what I got? A big fat nothing. Well not exactly nothing...wait and that will be explained. Now, let me tell you this, before JC married me he did not have a computer, he did not even know how to use the computer. What do you think happened when I Googled him? I got SIX pages of nothing except him. There was only one hit on all six pages that was not him. He does not surf the net, he does not use forums, he does not have a blog, he doesn't even read his dang email! The only thing he does is play Battlefield and COD4. How is this fair that I pour my blood, sweat and tears into entertaining my readers and I do not even get a hit on Google? I have four email accounts, a Myspace page, I am a forum rat I have graced many forums with my presence and comments, I have published recipes and photos, and a blog and I am not mentioned...except (and here is the explaination I promissed) when I am tied to his name on his clans website. How is this possible Google? The unjustness of it all! I have surfed with the best of them leaving behind my great wealth of knowledge on all things nonsense and look where I land. He shoots, tosses some 'nades and yells at the computer alot and he gets six pages! Maybe computers really can hear...maybe if I start yelling too, Google will hear me and I will at least make page 50 of one of my searches. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cough Syrup, Me, Myself and I

Sunday night I was crawling into bed around mid-night, all ready to snuggle in to my nice clean sheets when I realized it was the 3rd of the month. The last day to pay rent before they add on a huge late fee. So I fly out of bed, throw on my clothes and run out the door. As I am driving down town, in the middle of the freaking night,because I am too lazy to roll my butt out of bed before the the office opens , I am noticing that I am the only moron out which is probably a good thing since no one else should be driving while I am under the influence of some heavy duty cold medicine. There are NO other cars around. I also happen to notice that every light I come up to is red. The light stays red just long enough for me to come to a "California Rolling Stop" and then turns green. So, after about the tenth time this happens I start to get irritated that I am having to lose momentum just to have to speed up again, when I am the only car on the road. Now, in conversation between my goodself and my badself, not out loud of course...that would be crazy, talking out loud to myselves...with no one in the truck with us me.
Badself-"Why are you stopping, just keep right on going, its gonna turn green anyway."
Goodself-"If I did that, it would be the one time it did not turn green and there would sit a pen happy cop, all poised and ready to give me a ticket! And we'd probably fail the sobriety test because that was some dang strong prescription cough syrup that you took, that the Dr. ordered for Buzz us"
So I keep obeying the law, and I keep slowing to my rolling stop. By the time I get to the last signal before home, I am cold and tired and it is raining and it is One O'clock in the stinkin' morning. I am pissin' and moanin'at the top of my lungs under my breath because out loud would make me "the crazy lady who talks to herself" about the dang signals when I see the last one is green. I am overjoyed, the stars have finally aligned and I am so close to home, I can start to smell the downy softness of my sheets....when the light turns red.
I come to a complete stop and I wait... and I wait... and I wait some more. Badself starts to think, I am just going to go, I can see in all directions it is other idiots about. Just then the light turns green and a cop pulls up past me.
Goodself-" see what trouble you almost get us into?"
What luck. Moncur Luck. I never had these issues before I changed my name. The stars were always aligned for me before I got married. I never rarely ever talked to myself at least not outloud. I think I have officially lost it. Man, this is some strong cough syrup!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Nazi

No Blog for You! Feeling Icky, going to bed. Maybe tomorrow. Sorry to disapoint my loyal reader.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gifting You My Love

I have been thinking about that lovely Hallmark Holiday we call, Valentines Day. You see, Jc and I have been kinda hit and miss with our gifting to each other in all areas, including birthdays. Last year for Valentines Day I did not give him anything gave him my undying love and affection. He gave me rubber irrigation boots. Not even the stylish ones with plaid or hearts or pink stripes, just plain old dark blue rubber irrigation boots. Now, honestly this was obviously a gift he was giving himself, because me having irrigation boots of my own= my not having an excuse to not help him move irrigation pipe. So not only does he get my undying love and affection but he gets my unpaid labor too. You may say, yes but he gave you something and you gave him nothing. I did not give him....okay, I did give him nothing, but I wasn't disguising my nothing as something. Okay, I was... but come on irrigation boots!? I think this year I will give him this...

What do you think? It's even red, the color of love. I will get his undying love and affection and clean floors! Maybe I should put my irrigation boots on now, it's getting deep in here.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Here I Stand in Puddles...Puddles of Pee!

Okay, so one of my sons has yet to make it through the night without wetting. Because he refuses to wear a pull-up and I HATE laundry, I wake up every three hours and take him to the bathroom. Well this week he has a serious cough. When I went into take him to the bathroom at nine before I went to bed I felt around to make sure I wasn't too late....Awesome! He's dry! Pull him up to sitting position, try to make him stand and he crumbles to the ground. Okay, I heave him up to me and start to carry him into the bathroom. All of a sudden he starts a coughing fit. Ahhh crap! What's that??? I am soaked! He is soaked! He has literally coughed so hard he has peed all over me! Dang it! Strip him down, shower him again, re-jammie him and put him back to bed. Shower myself, again and now I am not groggry anymore, so I go to the computer for a little chat with a good friend (hi Melissita!)
It is now midnight, time for the next trip to the bathroom. Feel around..Dang It! Wake up precious and make him walk himself to the bathroom, making a stop at the laundry basket to strip off pee soaked clothes and deposit wet sheets. Stand nekked son in front of tub while we wait for the water to warm up. Nekked son is leaning heavily against my he really awake? Warm, wet feet????

Me- What the heck!!! What are you doing? Stop that! Wake up! Hey...gosh dig it!

Son- "What??? oh, sorry mom."

Put son in shower and instruct him to bathe. Take off socks, wash my feet. Mop bathroom floor. Check on son. He is curled up in fetal position on the shower floor....asleep again. Wake up son, pull him out of shower and instruct him to dry off. Go get clean jammies and return to find son curled up in fetal position on the hall floor, asleep. Dress son and return him to his bed.
Next morning...

Son- mom I didn't even pee at all last night! I did good huh?
Me- say whaaaat? I need a diet pepsi!

Tell me, how does a kid take TWO showers and not remember taking them? It must be nice to be able to sleep through anything.

On a side note, I got to go to the movies today with a friend, alone, with no kids, and no husband! I have not done that in 10 years! Yes, I said 10 years! Thank you Angela! I had a blast.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Common Kiwi Phrases!

Okay, for those of you who do not know what life with four boys is like, let me enlighten you. First off let me give you a list of charactors you will read about most frequently while on my blog. Vootz 7, Buzz 5, Rub 4, and Dub 2. My DH (AKA Hergie but we'll call him JC, niether of which are his real name) came from a family where everyone has a nick name and that has bled over to our family, so I hope everyone can follow through these stories. BTW, I know you want to know, so my AKA name is Kiwi. It was bestowed upon me by my father in law who I loved dearly.

Now onto the chaos I call life. A typical day in our house is LOUD (also something that comes from Jc's family), full of love, tears, giggles and lots of chaos. The best way to give you insight on our home is to give you some phrases you will hear me say most commonly at our house. So here goes.

Get to the bathroom before you pee on my floor!
I love you too! Now get in the bathroom!
Please pay attention while you are peeing so you don't pee on the floor!
Why did you pee on the floor?
Yes, I love you too!
(do you see a pattern here? Yes, I am potty training a 2 y/o so this is a big topic in our house)
Dub you may not eat candy for lunch! No popcorn is not lunch either!
No amount of kisses is going to get you that roll of smarties before you eat your lunch!
Get out of the pantry! Get out off the back of the couch! Don't rock your chair! Get out of the fridge/freezer ( and I don't mean just shut the door, I mean they need to physically get their body out of the freezer!)
Get off the counter!
I love you too! Now get down!
Why are you nekked? (frequently asked question of Rub)
Get back in the house, you're nekked! The nieghbors don't need to see your nekkedness!
I'm sorry I am not your Boo anymore but we don't go out front nekked! Now get your clothes on!
Is your homework done? Neatly? All of it? Then sit down!
Vootz mind Vootz!
Buzz 4 bananas is enough! No you can't have another orange dinner will be ready in five minutes!
Vootz eat your peas!
Buzz drink your milk!
Rubby get your fingers out of your dipitz! Dipitz are for chicken fingers, not for your fingers!
Dub eat your own dinner and leave your dad's alone!
Everyone to the shower! Don't pee in the shower, your brothers don't want to stand in your pee!
Brush your teeth please. With toothpaste!
No you can't have a snack, we just finished dinner!
Honey, I just told them no snacks!
They've already brushed their teeth and they don't need brownies anyway because I said no dessert unless they ate all their dinner!
You're such a softy!
Say your prayers!
Love you all lots and lots!
Go to sleep!
Get in your own beds!
You already had a drink get back in bed!
There are no monsters in this house, they are all too afraid of Dad to come in here! Now get back to bed!
No, you may not sleep in the office!
You may not sleep in the hallway either!
Go to sleep!
No Buzz Mommy is not mad at you. Yes Buzz, Mommy still loves you! She's just not happy that it is an hour past your bedtime and you are still up, and your room that was clean when I put you to bed, now looks like a battlezone! Boys if I step on any of those soldiers tonight they'll be battling the trash can! Go to sleep please!
If I hear one more word out of you two I am going to send in your dad!
Those are my most frequent phrases. Hope you had a good laugh while you sit there with your sweet daughters all dressed in pink! Just remember someday they might marry a M! LOL!

Tag You're It

Here's how you play
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts habits, or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment (you're it) and to read your blog. You can't tag the person that tagged you. Since you can't tag me back, let me know when you've posted your blog so I can see your answers.

1. I always have my toenails painted

2. I have to pop every poppable joint before I can sleep at night (gross I know)

3. I have to sleep with the tv on when Jaron is not home

4. I am VERY afraid of heights and therefore HATE to fly

5. I can't submerge my face in water, it freaks me out

6. I hate to drive, love to be the passenger

7. I have never found a perfume I like on me

8. I love to have my extremeties massaged more than my back

9. I don't like chocolate in candy form

10. I am allergic to the artificial lights in tanning beds

Okay, now that everyone knows I am a weirdo, I tag:

  • Holly-because she rocks and she is the only other person who currently has a blog that I am alowed to tag.
  • Casey-because she needs a blog
  • Jerene-because this is motivation for her to start her blog and quit procrastinating.
    And I don't know of anyone else who has a blog or would consider starting one so I cop out with 3 people sorry.