Saturday, April 26, 2008

There's No Place Like Home...part three

The trip home was uneventful aside from me getting incredibly car sick. I did not puke but I was not well, I just wanted to go to bed. I got the boys all unloaded and the two little ones tucked into bed. I unloaded the car and was going to go to Checkers to get dinner for Vootz, Buzz and JC who I was pretty sure hadn't eaten all day since I was not home to fix him lunch. (I found out later he had gone to the deli for lunch, so no husbands were starved in the making of this anniversary party.) Like I was saying, I was going to go to Checkers but I could not find the keys to dad and J's car! I needed to lock it up before I left. Their car will not lock with out the key and I was not going to leave the car unlocked all night long parked on the street. I looked all over the house, all over the garage, in all the things I unloaded from the car, on JC's desk where I parked my bum while I greeted him and told him about my day, in my pockets, on the grass, in the car, on the street. NO KEYS!! My neighbor, the sweet one Dub loves, even came over and helped me look. I was crying like a baby! I was going to have to call and tell my dad, who was nice enough to lend me his car in the first place, that I could not find the keys! It is now dark! My kids and husband are hungry! I am now not only car sick but upset sick and I cannot find the keys ANYWHERE and I am PANICKING! I say a quick prayer for the guts to call dad. Finally I pull the middle seat forward for like the 4th time and sweep my hand under it again...Low and Behold I found the keys!! Lock the car and carry the keys directly to the cupboard in the kitchen. Phew! I am never borrowing anything from anyone again! First my kid pukes in their car and then I lose the keys! It's just too much! I can't handle the stress!

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