Thursday, April 3, 2008


So Sunday was the day I realized I really need to get Rubby to break his "carefree, blowin' in the wind, runnin' nekked" attitude. I went to get him from his Sunday School class, he is a big bad Sunbeam now. When I walked around the corner to his class room, his door was open and there was Rub, shirtless and grinning from ear to ear! I quickly shut the door and grabbed up his shirt and re-dressed him.

Me- "Rub, why is your shirt off? We are at church, we don't undress at church! You need to keep your clothes on!"

Rub- "I was fwetty and itchy!"

Me- " So was I but my clothes are still on. We can't just undress when we are sweaty and itchy Rub."

Rub- " I can undwess at home?"

Me- "When we get home you can put on some more comfy clothes but you cannot be nekked!"

When we get home, JC strips to his underwear and lays on the couch! And I wonder where the boy gets it!

Yesterday, a friend of the family comes over to drop Buzz off after a play date. Rub runs out to say hi.

Friends 5 y/o- "Rubs in his underwear!"

Me-"Good we've made progress! That's more than he was in five minutes ago!"

On a bike ride home from the park a couple weeks ago (Rub and Dub ride in a bike trailer) I hit a bump and Rub spills a drop (literally only a drop) of water on his shirt.

Rub-"You may me pill it! I all wet!"

Me- "You are fine."

Rub-" I nee take it off, It all wet!"


Not a minute later I glance back just in time to see his shirt flying out of the bike trailer! He stripped it off while wearing a five point seatbelt harnass and a helmet, and chucked it out on the sidewalk!

What am I going to do with this boy????? Any suggestions, aside from droppping him at a nudest colony????


Jeff & Holly said...

Those men of ours have way too much influence on our kids! It amazes me how easy it is for our kids to pick up on the habbits you don't want them to, and then the ones you want them to pick up they won't even try. Oh well, I'm sure glad we have good hubby's that wont teach our kids too many bad habits.

Maria said...

all i can say is good luck! what is it with guys...around our house it's the tooting that gets bad.

Maria said...

all i can say is good luck! around our house it's tooting. man, boys and their habits...

JR Hart said...

J.C. naked on the couch!?!? LMAO! That wins the Disgusting Mental Image of the Day Award!

Karrie said...

What is it with kids and nakedness? The have great self confidence/body image for sure. How is JC's finger? Ryan told me it got mashed pretty bad while loading pipe.

Anonymous said...

HAHA just enjoy it while they are cute and people understand it is a kid thing!!! My girls live in their panties at home, I don't even buy summer PJ's plus it is so cute!! I was raised that way. My nick name was streeker!!! Good times! Not so cute anymore LOL. My neighbors all 2 of them LOL don't mind they are used to it they swim in their little pool in panties!! Sam will strip in the car too. Anyways naked kids are fun and most people get a kick out of it and those who don't well they need to loosen up!!!! I say pick your battles!! Have a blessed day girlie

All Things BD said...

It's not just confined to boys. My eldest goes from zero to naked in 3.4 seconds. We finally said she had to wear underwear around the house, and luckily she won't disrobe outside the house anymore.

For her, it's because she is CONSTANTLY hot. Dead of winter, she sleeps in the buff. I used to zip her into her pajamas backwards as a toddler, and now I realize she was taking them off because I was overheating her. Nice.