Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everyone Poops!

Bloghumbug! Not feeling very bloggy tonight but I will try to give you a little something though it may be kind of crapy. (pun totally intended!)

Dubby is potty training. He has mastered the whole peeing thing but was struggling with the poop issue. He holds it as long as he can by doing what we call the poop walk until the urge passes. The poop walk is when puts his knees together, pokes his bum out and up, points his toes in and walks prances on his tip toes. When the urge passes he goes about his business. He can usually stave off a movement for about two days. Then he passes a baseball and does, the something gross is in my pants walk, up on tip toes, legs spread out as far as they will go, bum up and out. Thankfully, he will do anything it takes to avoid smooshing it. Now, I caught on to the poop walk and started putting him up on the toilet whenever I saw him doing it. We would sit in the bathroom for like thirty minutes and nothing. Then thirty minutes later he was doing it again so back we'd go. We would do this all day and finally he would end up hiding up somewhere and doing it in his underwear. Ewww!

After telling my BFF this, she lent me a book called Everyone Poops! That same day I caught Dubby doing his little prance so I sent him off to the toilet and went to get the book. There is a page in the book that says, "What does whale poop look like?" The book does not give the answer but Dub immediately chimed in with, "Like Sharks!" LOL! Which made me think about Rub.

From the day Rub started using the toilet he has never said he was going poop. He has always said he was, "Making Sharks!" or "Making Crocodiles!" And peeing was never peeing, it was "making bo-bo's" which is Rub talk for bubbles.

Anyway back to the point. Per Dubs giggly request of again again, I read the book to him like half a dozen times. Still no poop and I had to leave to do errands so I give JC warning and head out the door. While I am gone...

JC- "Duh-you, where is my lil' Duh-you?"

Dub- "I right here, I goin poop the toilet! I nee you wipe my bum!"

The boy passes his baseball in the toilet! Woot Woot! So my question to you is you think that the success came from the story with the line, "a one hump camel makes a one hump poop and a two hump camel makes a two hump poop...just kidding!" or from the fact that mommy wasn't there and he had his privacy! I ask because I got to thinking about my boys and how different they are all. They all have varying degrees of modesty. For example, Rub we all know is anything but modest, the boy is nekked 80% of the time and will drop trow in the front yard to pee in front of all the neighbors. Then we have Vootz who will pee outside in the bushes but discretely, pee with the bathroom door open and prefers to have someone to talk to while he poops. Then there is Buzzy who has to have the bathroom door not only closed but locked and NO ONE in the hallway before he will pee. So I am thinking maybe mommy just needed to back off. Maybe it is a combination of both, the book is definitely funny, worth it either way.

*I do not advocate my boys peeing in the great outdoors, unless they are at the ranch, just so you aren't thinking we are redneck or anything! I also don't advocate Rub's nudest ways and if anyone has any advice on how to get him to keep his clothes on I would be willing to try just about anything at this point.

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Syndy said...

That is hilarious. C also calls pooping in the potty "making sharks" I have no idea where he got that from. I thought he was just strange. The other day he also came into my room and instead of saying he had to go potty he said "Mom, I've gotta squeeze some poop out!" Gross! Hopefully he won't be saying that again. Good job on the potty training. It feels nice to have all of mine out of diapers!