Thursday, April 24, 2008

Insight For The Common Sense Challenged

Just a few things I would like to make known to people who don't think things through.

  1. Carpet in a bathroom...STUPIDEST IDEA EVER!!!!! DO NOT PUT CARPET IN A BATHROOM!!! It will get peed on, wet from steam, wet from wet bodies, wet from broken pipes/fixtures and overflowing toilets all this means MOLD and STINK! It also means a very irritated wife!
  2. Carpet in a dining room....THE NEXT STUPIDEST IDEA EVER!!!! DO NOT PUT CARPET IN YOUR DINING ROOM!!!! It will get food stuck in it, drinks spilled on it. It will never look clean and your wife will not be happy and we all know what that means!!!
  3. Smoke alarms in impossible to reach places...See here for explanation! This will lead to your wife telling you she has a headache and she most likely won't even be lying about it!!!
  4. Doors that block you from opening drawers/cupboards/dishwashers/refrigerators. Accessibility is key!
  5. Rain gutters on the back of the house but not the front! Why? I already had my shower I would like to not get another one on my way out the door to church!
  6. Ceiling fans with the lights above the blades....have you ever experienced that strobing effect? Put the light fixture under the blades please!
  7. Flat paint on walls....Are you kidding me????
  8. White carpet....You are more stupid than I thought!
  9. Cupboards with a six inch wide opening that go all the way back the entire depth of the counter top and make a 90 degree turn and go back the length of the counter top in that direction....I have long, thin arms but geesh not that long!! I will probably have to post a picture to explain that one.
  10. Make a decent size bathroom stall dang it!!! I know when men use a stall they are generally alone, but women usually have at least one if not more children in tow.
  11. Why do you put the bigger size shoes/clothes on the bottom shelf? It makes sense to me that probably the bigger the size shoe/clothes the taller the person is going to be. You have my 4'11" sister in law climbing to the top of the 8' tall shelf to reach her size 4 shoes and you have all 5'11" of me laying on the floor to get to my size 10 shoes!!! HELLLLOOO!!
  12. Last but not least DO NOT make children's clothing in dry clean only fabric!!! Are you just a total moron?

Dang it can you help a girl out!

*Just a note for JC's buddies who read my blog (Thanks BTW, You guys ROCK!), JC is not guilty of any of these, yet.


karen said...

DITTO. I agree completely. We have carpet in the dining room and hate it. Not in the new house though. How is you little SIL doing. Does she blog? I would love to see it and her.

Syndy said...

That's just the tip of the iceberg of thing's that annoy me! We had carpet in our first house in the bathroom. Lets just say the house had been empty for 2 years and it was STILL wet! EWE!

JR Hart said...

...and really old plumbing that can't a decent size defecation. One of the two best Tips for Life that I've learned is that #1 Always check for toilet paper and #2 Always flush twice.

The house I rent can barely handle urine when you flush. And it doesn't respond to redirection from a plunger either.

Old Plumbing. Blegh.