Saturday, April 26, 2008

There's No Place Like Home...part one

Today I loaded up the boys into my dad and step moms car (mine is still not working) and headed to their house in the mountains for my Gram and Gramps' 60th wedding anniversary. I LOVE to go "home"! I miss it up there and I think JC is afraid to let me go too often for fear I may not return. LOL! It is so beautiful up there. I love the mountains even though I get VERY car sick. I found out the hard way today that Rub also happens to get car sick. Weak stomachs should exit this blog NOW! Go ahead, I will wait, seriously you do not want to be here right now......

Okay, I think it's clear. Vootz gets car sick too so I was checking with him every so often to make sure he was doing alright. In this "how ya doin'? Let me know if you think you need to pull over, and please try to give me some warning to find a turn out" conversation Rub pipes up with "I nee frow up." I pull off the road jump out, unbuckle him and rush him over away from the edge of the road. Lightening speed I tell ya! He does a "fake" blah sound and I begin to question his "car sickness" vs just wanting to get out and move around.

Me-"Are you really sick or just pullin' my leg?"
Rub-"Puwin your weg!"
Me-"Okay then lets go, you can play when we get to Papa's house."

Make him pee first, because I am a mom and know to do these things and load him back up. We're off! Not a mile down the road...
Rub- "My tummy..BLAHUP!!"
Me' "AH CRAP! Vootz look away, hold your breath..."
Rub-"BLAHUP, BLAHUP" well you get the picture.
Vootz *gagging* Did I mention Vootz is also a sympathetic puker? Huh-huh yeah!
Me- "Vootz I see a turn out, get your seat belt off and get ready to jump out as soon as the car stops!"

We get stopped and Vootz bales, Rub is covered, his fluvy (security blanket)is covered, his car seat is covered! I unbuckle his seat from the car and lift it out with him still in it. Pull him out, strip him down nekked, which we all know he doesn't mind. So here I am on the side of the road with a nekked 4y/o, a gagging 8y/o and a huge mess! I stripped the cover off the car seat and put it in a plastic bag with all the other pukey clothes tied it up tight and put it in the back. Used a half flat of water and a whole package of wipes on my son, his car seat and the seat of the car (sorry dad and J). All the while my son stands nekked as a jay bird and just as happy on the side of the road while cars just pass and do that "sucks to be you laugh". So put Rub in a pair of extra undies (packing extra clothes and jammies, brilliant on my part, thank you I know *bows*), leave him in just undies to avoid more laundry should he not be able to make it the last 11 miles, that's right boy chucked with only 11 miles left to go! Put Rub in Buzzy's booster seat, Buzz in just a seat belt, puked on car seat in the back, roll down all the windows and we're off again!

Here is a question for you though...Rub is 4y/o and 43ish pounds, Buzz is 5y/o and 39pounds. Technically Rub is old enough and weighs enough for a booster seat, Buzz is old enough for a booster but one pound light for a booster seat. So what to do? Who should have been in the booster seat? At a safety check program they say always put the youngest in the "safest" position. But I am assuming they say that because they are assuming the oldest weighs more. So who is making the ass out of u and me? Me or them? Ryan can you tell me?


Phillips Family said...

I found your blog on Karrie's. Very funny story,I could just picture everything. My brother use to get car sick and this was before car seats, he would puke all over my Dad's leg, very stinky and gross. We also would have to pull over on the side of a very windy road to get him cleaned up. What a mess. Better luck next trip.

JR Hart said...

I'm a sympathetic puker as well. Yuck!


Taylor Family said...

I learned a long time ago, when Emily was very little, not to leave the house for long trips without the "barf bucket" I save those big ice cream buckets, that way I can just slap the lid on and trash it!