Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family Photos

It's been a while since I have had time or energy to post so sorry!

Saturday my Dad's wife came by to snap a few family shots for a photo album she is putting together for my grandparents 60th anniversary. I wanted to have the pictures in front of/around the piano but the house was a DISASTER and who wants to capture that on film as evidence that I am a slacker! it was a beautiful spring day so I opted for a nice front yard shot. The unfortunate thing was it was very windy and therefore did not produce many usable shots as my hair was attacking me or preparing me for lift off! In the shots my hair was manageable of course someone *coughJCcough* was scowling, or the boys were looking anywhere but at the camera. So this is the best of 10. We need help!

A Family Shot and a Pre-Family Shot

I remember a time when I was actually very photogenic. I even won Miss Photogenic in the Miss Bakersfield Pageant. WHAT HAPPENED??? I will tell you what happened....

  1. I had 4 boys

  2. I gained like 30 a few pounds...see #1 above

  3. I got OLD fast wise beyond my years...see # 1 above!

  4. I got REALLY OLD!!! mature...see #1 above

  5. I got FAT cuddly...see #1 above

Now don't get me wrong I love my boys to death but man, kids can age you quick! I have even forgotten how to pose in all the ways that make you look so slim and hide all the flaws. Why? Because now I have to pose in a way that I can easily control my children...You look at the camera! You no bunny ears behind your brother! You get your thumb out of your mouth! You back in the picture! Every one smile! Ahh crap I forgot to suck it in! The other bad thing is with my step mom's camera there is no noise, no flash and it takes like 10 shots in 3 seconds! No Warning! I am use to the 1,2,3 click! Or the 1,2,3 flash, hoollld it, okay! When time permits I will have to have our pictures taken again but for now Happy 60th Gram and Gramps!


karen said...

I think you guys look great. What a good lookin' family. I think the last time I saw you guys you just had one of the boys and it was at your FIL's funeral. I had my oldest boy with me. He was only 18 months then. I guess that was what about 4 1/2 years ago. How's your hubby doing? Mother in Law?

karen said...

Were doing great. Trying to get our place in CO ready to rent so we can move to TX. All of Johns family is now there in San Antonio so thats where we are going. We have a house being built. Almost done. I cant wait for warmer climate. Glad to hear JC's mom doing good. How's the rest of the family?

Carianne said...

Hey girlie! I stumbled across your blog and thought I would say hello. You look beautiful in this picture. Your hair looks GREAT! How are you and all the Moncur's doing? I miss you all. Tell Susan I say hello. Life is very busy over here and I am loving it. The twins are almost crawling. Any day now they will take off. That will be a new adventure for me. We are all good and doing well. I am glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Claim any of the 4 excuses, but I think you look phenomenal! No longer photogenic?.... Ha, that is so not true. I tried to take a nice self-shot the other day. You know, hold out the camera... try not to squint... tilt the head to mask the more than one chins. I won't tell you how many times I deleted the photos and started again. I decided that I just don't look that great in color anymore. The black and white pictures looked great, or at least accecptable. Too bad the rest of the world has to see me in color. =)


JR Hart said...

Whatever! You can't tell you had four kids. I've known women who've had one kid and it really showed. You've had four and look great. Shoot, I've gained 60 pounds since high school and I'm a guy, we don't make kids.

BTW, that is the most awkward, uncomfortable face that JC is wearing, LOL!

Karrie said...

Okay, I have never been photogenic, and I am jealous. The last picture I have of myself is over a year old, and won't be shared with the public. I always have frizzy hair and a sightly maniacal look on my face.

Maria said...


i think your pic looks awesome...i love seeing how you guys are! and by the way, you probably look better now than before i ever had kids! hope you're enjoying spring, and jaron's not working too hard yet!