Friday, December 12, 2008

Price Gouging Negativity

Today in my house sounded like this...

Get Down
Don't Do That
Stop It
Don't Touch
Close It
Sit Down
Shut It
Not Now
Knock It Off
Quiet Down
Hands Off
Get Out
Get Off

Do you ever have those days that it seems all you say is negative?

On a positive note...

Buzz lost his first tooth today. He has had both bottom teeth loose since May, he just today, lost his first one. He was not so excited about losing his teeth. He would not wiggle them, would not let me get my hand anywhere near his mouth, would not eat anything that would help loosen them. Today the new tooth finally pushed through enough that the old one was just barely hanging on. Vootz and Buzz were playing with my flash light looking down each others throats, looking for Buzz's filling, looking at uvulas, looking for who knows what else. So under the guise of cavity hunting I had him open his mouth...

Me-"Ooo I think I see one. Look Vootz right there *putting my hand in* see right *yank* oh nope it was just a loose tooth."

Buzz-"Mommmmm! Don't pull iiiit...hey is that my tooth?"

Vootz-"Yep, I told you it doesn't hurt."

Buzz-"Cool! I bet the Tooth Fairy brings me LEGO's Star Wars 2."

Vootz-"The Tooth Fairy only brings money, like maybe 20 or 60 bucks"

Me-"Like maybe 20 or 60 cents."

Buzz-"No, it's my first tooth and first teeth are worth 10 dollars. That is what K got for his last year."

Me-"Have you heard of this thing called recession?"


I think we need to have a Tooth Fairy Union meeting to come up with a plan to establish an equal market.


Karrie said...

I hate those naegative days. They come in waves for me, and often it feels like in clusters as well. I have to try really, really hard to find positive things about my kids, but it does make a difference in behavior. I see it. But it's a character flaw (part of the job, really) that I'm trying to be better at. And Ryan has to pull all the teeth. And the tooth fairy in the mountains only gives out a dollar. If they cry they'll only get a quarter. The tooth fairy up here is mean maybe.

JR Hart said...

Is it bad that I have an enormous number of Lego Star Wars sets... yes, at my age, I still collect Legos...