Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Four Thirty AM Cake Ball Coma

A few things...

Why is it that on days the boys and I can sleep in they always wake up at the crack of dawn? But on days we have to get up and go I can't hardly drag them out of bed? Like on Saturday, they were all awake at 6:30 but Sunday, I had to wake every one of them up at 7:30 and make them get out of bed for church. Today is a 3 hour fog delay, they don't have to be to school until 11:00am they were all up at 6:40. Not that today it really matters much to me, I was up at 4:30 to send JC off to work. I was not planning on going back to bed, but I kind of was looking forward to the quiet time alone.

Monday was JC's first day at his new job. He likes it okay, but it will take some getting use to being an employee and not the boss. I have a guilt thing going on though. I get up at 4:30 to prepare breakfast, pack his lunch etc. when he leaves sometimes I want to crawl back under the covers, it's warm there, and sleep until the kids get up, but I can't. I feel so guilty that he is having to be up that I feel like I should be up too. I also feel guilty if I am doing nothing. i.e. right now, sitting at the desk blogging while he is bustin' his bum making a living for us...totally feeling the guilt. I have started accomplishing so much during the day while he is gone. When he was home "doing nothing" I did nothing, well not nothing I have four boys and a husband to care for after all, but not as much as I should have been doing. Now I accomplish so much that by 2 pm I am walking around wondering what else I can do to stay busy, because I can't sit down and relax, that would not be fair, JC is not sitting down relaxing. Then I remember I should probably pick up my kids from school. Then I wonder how long I could leave them there before the school calls me to come get them. I find out, not more than 10 min. There is homework to do, snacks to get and dinner to start. When all that is done I still find myself walking around the house just looking for something to do that makes me feel like I am being productive.

Yesterday, I made cake balls as a way of "being productive". This guilt thing of mine could so be a bad thing. When I run out of things to do I usually end up puttering around in the kitchen. More food is the last thing JC and I both need. We were actually going to use this new chapter in our lives to start getting healthier. You know, not sitting at the computer all day, doing nothing but snacking and hoping that clicking the mouse burns off an insane amount of calories. Looks like I am going to have to find a new hobby, but not before I try the cake balls with Red Velvet cake, Cream Cheese frosting and White Chocolate coating. I think I will also make a batch for my dad with German Chocolate cake, German Chocolate frosting and Carmel coating rolled in toasted coconut and pecans. Oooo maybe a batch with Fudge cake, Mint frosting and Dark Chocolate coating....Ohh the possibilities!


Karrie said...

Yummy! Hey- I got over my guilt a long time ago when I realized I don't get time off. EVER. Unless I hire a sitter and drive my kids and pack the crap, while he can come home and watch TV. He doesn't do that so much right now because he had TWO jobs, the one that pays money and the one that is building our house. I feel bad for him, but the house thing is a choice, and it is his JOB to have a JOB. Just make sure everything looks nice and there is food around, and I promise he won't ask you what you did all day. (Slap a man that ever asks that!) And you shouldn't feel guilty for being so efficient in your job- you can't help it you are such a hard worker. (That's what I tell myself.) Good for you for being more productive- it feels good. But don't feel guilty. And it's the holidays- let the cake balls reign! And if you get to baking, and don't want the baking hips- I highly recommend passing them out to your friends. (Not me- I mean your neighbors and your kid's teachers...) That way you get to be creative, but your heiny won't suffer the consequences. We are looking at coming over on Thursday the 18th. Work for you? The 19th? the 20th? Let me know.

Maria said...

those cake balls do look tasty... and yes, i wonder the same question about why on the day you can sleep in, no one else does! so that's pretty exciting about a job...hopefully a good one?! :)hope you guys are enjoying the holidays!!