Thursday, December 4, 2008

How do you spell spoiled? D-U-B!

I woke up Rub to take him to the bathroom before I went to bed last night. Well, as woke up as a four year old gets at midnight. I stood behind him at the toilet because I learned early on that kids never really wake up all the way for these late night bathroom visits and have a tendency to walk away from the toilet still spraying or just fail to aim completely. Since he was only half awake I had him propped up against my legs and the little stinker (pun totally intended)toots on me, no, not a cute little boy toot, a full on man fart!

Me totally overstating the obvious- "Hey you tooted on me!"

Rub- *mumbles something*

Me- "What?"

Rub-*more mumbling*

Me-"What? I can't understand you."

Rub *sounding a bit perturbed now* "I saaaidd, Whooo caaares!"

Me-"I care, it was my leg you blasted."

Rub-*sounding very valley-ish* "what ever"

I got my order of See's Gourmet Lolly Pops yesterday. I ordered them from a kid up the street who was doing a fundraiser. I was so excited. The lolly pops are the only See's candy I like, and ohhh do I like them!

Dub had a late nap yesterday and so it was no surprise that he was not asleep at nine last night. I had been in the living room watching something on the tv but got bored so I came into the office with JC. Dub was suppose to be in his bed.

Dub standing in the office doorway with his hands on his hips.-"ahem, eccuse me. You're stupost to be in your wivving woom!" *holding his right hand out like Vana White toward the living room.*

Me-" ahem, excuse me, you're suppose to be in your bed."

Dub-"No! No I not. I stupost to be pwaying twains *spies my lolly pop* an I need a wick on that wawwy you got dare."

Me-"No you're not suppose to be playing trains, no you don't need a lick of my lolly.

Dub-"Yes! Dad telled me that."

Me-"I did not hear dad tell you anything"

Dub-"Yes! He telled me that with his wittle voice."

Me-"Dub, I did not hear dad whisper anything to you with his little voice, besides dad doesn't even know how to whisper with a little voice. Go to bed!"

Dub *crawls into his dad's lap where he is given a lick of JC's lolly pop and allowed to stay comfortable seated.*

Can you say spoiled little Daddy's boy! I can, DUB! See how nicely I said that. And don't even get me started on the cavity issues there!


Beyla said...

I LOVE this story - and that's because Dub is suuuuch a charmer!! So cute! It all sounds like me, the man and the dog. the dog misbehaves, I tell him off of the couch, the man pets the dog and the dog gives me the LOOOK.. "Daddy said it with his little voice", huh.. I didn't even know they had a little voice! Mine sure doesn't how to use it, that's for sure.. ;)

Jeff and Holly said...

LOL, you tell the best stories! I am so glad you are writing them down, they will love them later. Those kids of ours are no dummies, they will work it how ever it suits them best. NO SHAME!