Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rub and Dub and The Fever

While waiting in the drive thru line at the bank...

Rub- Mom, why there's cameras all over da bank? Who put dem on da roof?

Me- To make sure people are safe and the builders put them up there.

Rub- No, No, No! You got it all wrong mom! It's in case da Ninjas come and teal da monies. Dats what da cameras are for.

Me- Oh, okay Rub for the Ninjas then.

A conversation with Dub...

Dub- Moooommm! I said for you to give me some juice!

Me- Dub, I said NO. And you watch how you talk to me. You are not the boss, you don't tell me, you ask me.

Dub- You are not the boss mom, you don't tell me that. Dad's the boss.

Mom- Dub do you want to take a nap?

Dub- No, I didn't say a nap, I said juice.

Me - Irrrrr!

Getting ready for church...

Rub- Dad, I don't want to wear dis tie.

JC- How come Rub, you look sharp.

Rub- No I don't, I wook widicuwous.

Sitting in church...

Me- Honey isn't pink a great color?

JC- What?

Me- Pink, don't you think it is a great color, see *pointing to the most angelic little baby girl all swaddled in pink in her daddy's arms.*

JC- What are you talking about?

Me - I think we could use some pink in our house.

JC- Do you have something you are trying to tell me?

Me- Yes, I think we need to have a little girl with big blue eyes to stare up at her daddy with and chubby little cheeks and legs to squish on.

JC- Are you? *turning very white

Me- No, but wouldn't it be nice to have a little girl?

JC- I don't know how to make little girls remember?

Me- But if there was a way to be 100% sure....


Me- Oh, come on just one little girl.

JC- Nope. I fell for that line 4 times already. No. Listen to the lesson

Me- I can't I am too distracted. Look how beautiful she is. Look at how sweet.

JC- *squeezing my finger* does this hurt?

Me- No why? What are you doing?

JC- Distracting you from your distraction.

Me- It's not working. I have the fever.

JC- Get over it. It's not happening...again.

I will break him. You just watch. *evil cackle*


Beyla said...

All I'm saying on the matter is this: My mother in law was so determined to have a girl she had SIX (!!!!) boys first. and THEN she got her girl, which is when the MIL developed a migraine. Just sayin'.... :D

Karrie said...

Hee hee hee... go for the girl! Just keep an open mind about the possibility of more testosterone in the home. And boogers. And bleeding heads. And ninjas.

JR Hart said...

OMG! LMAO! Watch out for the Ninjas!

A little girl with 4 older brothers would never have trouble with the boys... cuz there'd be some serious butt kicking. That's not even counting JC...

Maria said...

you gotta have somebody on your side! go for it i say!