Monday, March 9, 2009


I recently watched Fireproof, you know the movie with Kirk Cameron. The acting wasn't all that fabulous but the idea, the story, the message of the movie was fabulous. I highly recommend this movie. JC of course would not watch it with me because..."It's a sappy chick flick", and it kinda is. I cried a lot through the whole movie, but if you can trick bribe talk your husband into watching it with you I suggest that you do.

I have finally decided what my decorating style would be if I had the time, money and space to decorate my house. Check out Warm Pie, Happy Home I believe it is a vintage farm house look I like. Very warm, country kind of feeling to it. Speaking of houses, I am looking for a new one to rent. We need more space. Six of us smooshed into 1175 square feet of house is not working so well. The older two boys definitely need their own room separate from the little two destroyers angels. So if any of you happens across a 4 bedroom for rent let me know. I should shut up know because I am not as smooshed as my dear friend Karrie, over at Trailer Life is while they are building their home. Just a little longer Karrie...can you stand it?

Vootz got his new glasses today. His eyesight is worse than mine now. Pictures will be coming soon. He looks very handsome in them. Hopefully they last longer than his last pair. He was amazed to be able to see things today that he has not been able to see for a very long time, like skid marks on the street, true boy.

I am going to make an attempt to be more organized, starting in the boys room. Our storage is very limited so any ideas as to how I can tame my house is greatly appreciated.

We are preparing the back yard for a vegetable garden! I am very excited, it has been about 7 years since our last garden. I will be very busy canning this summer! I can't wait for the tomatoes and corn! MMM!

I am also looking to learn how to bake in a dutch oven over coals. I have always wanted to learn and I am finally going to do it. Now I just need to acquire the dutch oven. My first project will of course be cinnamon rolls! I will have to have some taste testers anyone interested? I wonder, is it legal to have a campfire in your back yard? Not a monstrous bonfire one just a small cooking one. Probably not. In a town where you cannot even have a fire in your fireplace I'm pretty sure one in your yard would be frowned upon. Looks like I will be taking a trip to Dad's for that one.

Well I'm off to the kitchen to bake some bread.

Umm...Yeah after I pick up my kids from school. I forgot it is a minimum day. I am surprised the school hasn't called yet. Better git gone!


Karrie said...

Use a BBQ to start your coals. No one can stop you from BBQing. (Right? Is there a law against that yet?) Then shovel your coals out. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but then again, we have bonfires and call it good.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Yeah for the baking I was just going to use my charcoal chimney but I thought it would be a good scouting project for the boys to learn to start a campfire and cook over it. I wish we lived in the country. I am really not liking city life.

Jeff and Holly said...

I'm with you, bigger is better. Wide open spaces, sounds soooo very nice. I hate the feel of a tight room.
Cinnamon rolls! Trust me, you might want to try ordinary chicken and potatoes first! Dutch ovens are fun to cook in and even funner to eat out of, but there is a little skill involved with it. Or in my case, Opps I killed it again!
If it weren't for the fact that we have more winter here than summer, I would drag you out here to live. But for your hubbies sake I had better not. Country living is the BEST. Out here we brag about how big our bonfire was the night before! Oh, and you can dance around it in your undies if you want since the nearest neighbor lives too far away to watch. :0P
Stay away from Chocolate Cherry Dutch Oven Surprize, AAHHH SCARY!!!