Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Physical Adrenaline

Last week I took Rub to his get his kindergarten physical. To give Rub shots, we fold his arms across his chest and then I lay across his body, pinning his arms down. His legs dangle over the edge of the bed at the knee and the nurse lays her weight against his legs and gives him his shots in the thigh. When the nurse was giving him his shots he was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Stop! Please Stop! Please! Please don't do that!"

All I could say was at least he was polite about it. Then we had to go to the lab to have his blood drawn. I told the lab tech, "He is very strong, especially when he is upset, we will probably need some help to hold him."

She looked at me like I was kidding. After all, he is just five and she said, "Oh honey I do this every day. We will be fine." She had him sit on my lap, I knew from experience I needed to cross my leg over the top of his or the smug little tech was gonna get booted in the crotch. So I wrapped my legs around his and my arms held his free arm to his chest in a big hug. The tech pulled his wrist down to the table to look for a vein and he bicep curled it back up. So she held his arm down with two hands and again he curled her like it was nothin'. So little Miss 'I do this every day' decided she should go get Darlene to help us. So now we have me holding every limb but the arm they are using and Darlene and the other tech holding his arm down and he is still over powering the three of us. In comes tech number three. It took three lab techs and me to get his blood. He wasn't thrashing about. He wasn't squirming. He was just curling up his arm. I could not help but smirk a little at Miss 'I do this every day'.

And again he was screaming, "Please! Please take it out! Please stop! You're poking me! Please stop poking me with that pokey!" Strong and polite and now very upset he starts crying, "I want my Buzz. Please I wanna see Buzzy. Can we go get Buzzy now, pleeeaaase!"

I love it when my boys seek each other for comfort.


Willow said...

Zachary got his physical today. There were no tears over the shots... he just yelled "OUCH" every time the needle came out of his arm. Oh, he did squeeze the heck out of my hand during the shots.

After three shots in the arm and then three shots for his brother, I didn't have the heart to take Zach to the lab. Since it is so close to the weekend, we will just do the lab work on Monday. TB and blood next week.... he will be so thrilled.

Beyla said...

hahhaa sounds like you've created the anti-shots Hulk! Ask him if he'll turn green next time! :D
And maybe next time the tech will actually listen to the parents when they say "My child needs this and that, and will do so and so". That would make life easier on everybody I guess ;)

Karrie said...

That's both funny and sad. Kacy didn't have to do a blood draw. What's it for? She had her iron checked, but did it with a finger poke. SO grateful NOT to have the blood draw- am going to have to take Will in soon, too. Just me and him, and a milkshake after wards.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Their doctor does a complete blood count, not just the hemoglobin.