Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hind Sight is 20/20

We got a new to us car for Christmas. It has been WONDERFUL! I love not smelling like a greasy diesel truck when I arrive at my destination. It has a radio and a six disc changer! It has more gadgets than a button factory! It has AC and a heater...and they both work! I will miss the wildly sexy wind blown hair effect from driving 60 miles per hour with the windows down though. It was like I was Cindy Crawford riding horseback through a meadow only the saddlebags were on me and not the saddle We can all travel together all in the same car...and then again we have to travel together all in the same car. It was nice to be able to go to the store alone because I could not fit anyone else plus groceries. Now I have to take all four boys and sometimes even their dad.

On one of our recent outings the conversation went something like this...

Dub-*not understanding what he was saying I hope* I hate you mommy!

Me-Dub*insert middle and last names here* we don't say hate. That is a BAD BAD word and you should never, ever tell someone that you hate them. It is very mean and not nice. You will hurt their feelings and make them cry. If you cannot say something nice to someone then you should not say anything at all. Can you say, sorry mommy?

Dub-I'ne sowwy.

Vootz totally missing my point- You could always substitute the word detest for hate Dub. That is a better word to use.

JC totally missing Vootz's point-Vootz if you ever tell your mother that you detest her you'll have to deal with me!

Me-Ughh...Yes Vootz, detest is a better word that hate, but still you should never tell anyone you detest them. If it is not nice, don't say it! JC, Vootz was not telling Dub he could tell me that he detests me, he was just trying to give Dub a better word than hate and flexing his vocabulary skills a little for us to notice.

This is what I get to deal with now. I liked my quiet solitude during errands. Now it is like being at home all the time only at home and all in a closet together! I prayed for a year for a car we could all fit in. Every night and every morning. During the day I would sing, "Heavenly Father can you hear me?" Oh he heard me and he gave me a year to try to wake up and realize that I don't know what is best for me, he knows what is best for me, Did I catch on? No, I had to keep pushing. He finally he gave in. Hind sight is 20/20!

*I am seriously VERY grateful for my car. It is truly a blessing and I love it. But I do miss my solitude occasionally, what mother of four wouldn't?!


Beyla said...

Congratulations on your new car!!
ohhh deeeaar! Haha I started laughing very loudly.. I can vividly imagine the whole scene - especially since I was the kid that so loved experimenting with words.. SHortening down picknic to pick, which is fine, exept in Norwegian where the pronounciation sounds exactly alike to.. male ..organs. I can still remember the stunned look on my neigbor's faces. Good times. ;)
I don't see anything wrong with having hot cocoa for breakfast. Especially since my sister gave me mini marshmellows for christmas - I have to make sure they don't go bad, right?
We're FINALLY busy moving into the farm - I can't wait to finally have all our stuff in one place and NOT in boxes... I'll be high from paint fumes for months to come though, I plan on doing a whole lot of redecoration, so be warned! ;)

JR Hart said...

LOL! Isn't great when you think you really, really want something... and then you get and you miss what you had before.

God does have a sense of humor... and so often it's tied into irony... all while teaching us a lesson.

Maria said...

hey, yah, that's pretty cool you're now a 2 car family! i never go anywhere, but i tell ben that having a car our there to drive is worth my sanity when he's gone! i have the same problem, praying for stuff until it becomes just like the 'lost manuscript' situation...:)