Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun In That Warm California Sun

If you are one of my dear readers who happens to be braving sub-zero temperatures right now, you might not want to continue reading.

Today was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny skies for as far as the eye can see and a warm 73 degrees! Today was so nice actually that we spent the afternoon lounging in the sun and splashing in the pool (it was slightly heated)! You heard me. We went swimming...outside...In January! It was wonderful! I told you not to read this JR! I will be posting pictures as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my phone. My little fishes had a blast! They kept going back and forth from the heated pool to the non-heated pool. They got good and worn out so hopefully they will all soon be sleeping.

This is not the creative blog worthy post I mentioned earlier today. I went swimming instead of blogging and now JC is home and using his computer so I am on the dinosaur, aka the boys computer and it has taken me 40 minutes and several backspaces (four backspaces just to type backspace, I think I got it now) just to type this little snippit of crap. So while JC is at the ranch tomorrow fixing his truck I will try to do better. I have to say good night now because I am starting to curse alot out loud a little under my breath at this blasted keyboard. Time to release all that anger, I think I will go do some yoga or go to the gym make chocolate chip cookie dough and watch The Biggest Loser re-runs. Good Night!


All Things BD said...

I'm not jealous of the weather, I'm jealous of the state. :) I miss living in California. I NEED to smell the ocean, darn it!

JR Hart said...

I am SO jealous! It got up to a balmy 17ish degrees today... yuck.

I found that I can easily text pictures from my phone to facebook. See if you can do that. Because from there, you can save them to your computer.

The Queen Bee said...

Yes, I'm jealous now but when you guys are at 110 degrees and we're sitting pretty at 80 I'll have the last laugh!