Sunday, January 25, 2009

Give It Up For The Man!

Okay, I have to give props to JC.

He came home last night from the ranch later than normal, and before even looking at me or saying hello, he asked what was for dinner. No, that is not why he gets props, that is what almost got his props kicked, but then he looked at me and I guess realized I was feeling less than well and was at my limit. He said, "I'm going up town for a minute, I will be back shortly."

I'm thinking great take your time, have a blast you inconsiderate man. I have the flu, (yes, my boys love to share) I have two boys with the flu and two boys who are healthy but wound up, I have been here with them alone, all day, you come home for two minutes and then leave???!!! Okay great. I hope you get this flu Buddy! Then we will see how you like it. MMM HMM! Just you wait! Not that I blame him, anyone in their right mind would have run 100 miles in the opposite direction. Twenty minutes later, he shows up with 3 bottles of 7-Up. He even found what was on sale, used the Albertson's card and a coupon! Be still my beating heart. A considerate, and cost efficient husband.

You know he does this to me all the time. Makes me angry at him for no reason. If he would have just said, "hey I'm going to go buy you some 7-Up" I would have never been planning to spit in his cup so upset. But noooo, he has to be all mysteriously sweet. I think he likes me to get angry with him and make him into the horrible husband, then feel like I am two inches tall when he turns into the perfect man. It couldn't be because after I feel so bad that I was plotting his demise that I instantly melt into his arms and would do anything to please him. Do you think he he has caught on to that? Do you think he would be awful enough to use that power against me? I'm gonna have to watch this martian very closely, he could be a smart one.

You know I paint JC as the stereotypical clueless man from MARS a lot on my blog. He really isn't though. He is generally very thoughtful, considerate and is a really great husband and father. Oh, and he has exceptional taste in clothing and women after all he chose me and the stylish half of my wardrobe Sure there are times when his Martian side comes through more than I'd like, but if it didn't I wouldn't have anything good to write about. I love you JC and I appreciate all that you do for me and the boys. Despite what I was thinking last night, I REALLY hope you don't get the flu. I can't handle taking care of anymore sick babies. Ope! I mean I would hate to for you to be so miserable.


JR Hart said...

awwwwwwwww, haha... J.C. cracks me up!

Brad said...

ooh, i hope he doesn't get sick either, sounds rough! you guys have albertson's there, i didn't remember. i'm not sure if it's the same, but about every month, they have these killer deals up here. like the 7-up, they were giving away 2 liters up here on sat...limit 5. i wish i could send it your way!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Brad...You must be Maria's brother in law? I am just guessing here. I tried to look at your blog to verify a little better, but you are private. :(

Maria said...

um, sorry about that. brad IS my bro in law and he is always logging in on my computer and then leaving. sorry! it was just me!