Friday, August 29, 2008

Partaay Like A Rock Star!!! (or not so much)

I had planned to post about the first two weeks of school tonight, but I got started listening to music on YouTube. Now I am too busy rockin' out to write coherently so here enjoy some music. I love this song. Yes, I realize he is talking about underage drinking, pot smoking, general hell raising and pre-marital sex and it's everything I am telling my kids is wrong which is why I listen on my headphones but when it comes on I just can't not sing along and have a real hard time sitting still! This is my typical Friday night party, YouTube, me and my headphones. Some junk food and a diet Pepsi. Rockin' Out with my bad self. Amidst "the look" from JC. Sometimes the party gets so out of control that he actually has to say something like what the heck are ya doin' you physcho! This is how this is how I married with kids, thirty somethings PARTAAAYY! So I am starting a music Friday here so all you other Rock Starz out there have something to Partaaay too. On Friday I will post all about good music or bad music, music that makes me laugh, dance, cry or just want to scratch my eyes out! Now crank up your speakers....(disclaimer: The Farmer's Wife is in no way liable for any disturbing the peace charges you may face for "cranking up you speakers" at 2am. Neither is she liable for any hospital bills that may result from serious bodily injury from waking sleeping spouses, falling down stairs while doing air guitar, or spousal enforced trips to the phych ward. "Crank up your speakers" at your own risk!)


Willow said...

I love, Love, LOVE that song. The combination of "Warewolf in London" and "Sweet Home Alabama" is perfection. I too engage in some serious dancing... without headphones. Luckily, Russ is crazy enough to join me.

Willow said...

Okay, so this is the first time I have seen the video. I am concerned.... most drowning accidents occur in conjunction with drinking. How much more dangerous is it to drink, boat, and POLE DANCE?? Further, how steady is that pole... and how would one even afix a pole to a yatch?

Honestly, these questions come from concern, not curiousity. ;)