Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baptized and Going To Jail

A big huge THANK YOU to my brother in law for getting me back up and running! So much has gone on since my computer crashed...again. But I had even more to tell you about before it crashed that I just was procrastinating about so lets get started.

First Vootz turned the big 8 and was baptized. A very emotional day for the whole family. It seems that on these special occasions we feel the loss of father that much more. Maybe it is because on those special days is when he is right there with us and we feel his spirit that much stronger. I know he is very proud of Vootz and the choices he is making. We miss him a lot. Sometimes I find Vootz standing and staring at his picture on the hutch and tears will just be streaming down his little cheeks. I never say anything to him because I figure that he is taking a special moment and I would never want him to feel like he shouldn't or to be embarrassed. But I always have to leave the room because it chokes me up. They were best buds those two, Bumper Boy and Buppa Dude.

Wipe your eyes, we are moving on.

We rented a van for the weekend of Vootz's baptism so we would all be able to get to and from the weekend events together in one car without having to rely on other family members to transport half of us. I LOVED having that van! We all fit, it had A/C and a radio, it did not cost 200.00 to fill the tank, and it was so easy to park in the little tiny parking spaces. I asked JC if we could scrape off the VIN and change the plates. He did not think I was funny. Neither did I, I was serious as a heart attack until he pointed out that he would be going to jail for a KIA. I replied, if it was a suburban would you? I just got the look and the head shake. You know the one that they use when they are wondering what they were thinking when they married you. I get that look a lot.

Next installments: Infestation, The Fish and The Whale, Head Meet Floor and Why Am I Wet?, Buzz Turns 6 and The Jedi's Have Landed.

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Maria said...

i almost teared up reading this...but, congratulations on the baptism just the same. i hear you on the old gas pump...maybe we'll go for a wagon, this sweet 14 miles per gallon on the old yukon is really killing me. i never went to town as it was, but now i REALLY never go to town. tell everyone hi!