Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally, Infested!

I promised you over here that I would give you a blog about our infestation. I have been putting it off and putting it off. Well after tonight's incident I am putting it off no more. So with out further procrastination here ya go...

At the beginning of summer we had a red ant problem. They were all over my front yard, entry way, side walks and flower beds. Then they started coming under my front door, through my outlets and through the exhaust outlet for my stove. After using a whole can of RAID and not deterring them I finally decided to call the pest man. He came out and sprayed inside and out and told me if the ants came back with in two months they would come back for free. Cool. His first visit was on a Tuesday, Thursday the ants were in one of my kitchen cupboards. So I called the pest man back and he came on Friday morning to spray again. Saturday morning I woke up and the ants were in a different cupboard. Well it is Saturday and the pest man doesn't work weekends so I empty that cupboard wash the ants off all of my cups and bust out a new can of RAID. I spray the cupboard and let it sit over night. Get up Sunday morning to wash out said cupboard and the ants are now in my silverware drawer. WHAT THE HECK MAN! So I do this ant chasing cycle. They make their way through every cupboard and drawer I have EXCEPT the cupboards with food in them, go figure and THANK GOODNESS! Then they were gone. Last week I noticed that they were in the lawn and flower beds again. I make a mental note to call the pest man. I of course forget.

Tonight while I was saying goodbye to my dad, step mom and little brother I hear a blood curdling scream. I looked over to see Vootz trying to push Rub off the entry way, they were both screaming. At first I figured they were fighting until I noticed Vootz was swatting at Rubs legs then his, then back at Rubs. What the heck! So I investigate the screams and funky movements because I am a good mom like that sometimes. Both of their legs and feet are crawling with ants. I don't mean one or two I mean hundreds of ants! My entire front step looks like it is literally alive and this in just a matter of minutes, because they were not there when we walked out.

It turns out Rub had stopped on the front porch on his way back into the house to wait for me. Vootz noticed the ants on his way up to the front door just as they started biting Rub. Rub did not know what to do, he just stood there dancing in the pile and screaming! Being the incredible big brother that he is, Vootz stepped into the swarm to help his brother out on to clear ground and sweep away the ants and in the process got covered himself.

I brush the ants off Rub while Vootz brushes them off himself. My Step mom hollers from the car as they are driving away to make sure I have some children's Benedryl and in a frazzled state I say yes, when what I really mean is no I don't, yes please go get me some fast! Alright she says see ya later and off they go. It dawns on me that I did not communicate effectively and quick run in and call my mother in law, who is at my sister in laws house then on her way to mine. Tell her to steal what ever children's Benedryl Brina has and hurry up.
Give Vootz adult Benedryl, he has very bad reactions to ants and can't wait and needs a big dose anyway. Calm Rub down and give him the last 1/2 tsp. of Benedryl Brina had and pray that he doesn't react the way Vootz does because if he does that 1/2tsp. is not going to do it.

They are both doing fine.

As if Vootz was not heroic enough the first time. While I was helping Rub, Dub stepped out on the porch and Vootz jumped right over and scooped him to safety risking more bites to himself. What a good big brother. It's moments like these that make me so proud of them. By the way the ants, they left as quickly as they came. I swear. They were not on the doorstep when we walked my family out, then with in five minutes they were swarming, and by the time my mother in law got there fifteen minutes later they were all gone but may be a half dozen or so. Freaky little things. I will be calling the pest man out tomorrow and we will be having a firm little talk on using some HEAVY DUTY pesticide, not this mild non toxic, environmentally friendly, might as well be water stuff he used the last two times. I don't care if I have to pack up and leave for a day or two. I want those suckers DEAD!

And yes, I know if my kids are so allergic I should never let myself run out of children's Benedryl or adult Benedryl. Pfizer people are you listening? I need a lifetime supply of Benedryl over here.

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Jeff and Holly said...

Oh my! That sounds dreadful!! I had a similar experience with Carpernter Ants in Ohio. I hate those suckers! So did the pest guy get rid of them????