Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Are Cordially Invited To A Pity Party!

Welcome to my Pity Party! It's so good to see you all. You look fabulous! Lets get this pary started shall we.

Since November JC has been home pretty much 24/7, like most farmers there is not a lot of work to do in the winter. Then in December JC decided to quit our farm for a job that would allow him to be home more often in the summer months and have steady pay in the winter months and has been job hunting for the last 6 months with no luck. No luck that is until another farmer asked him to help do some custom grain harvesting for a couple of months. Not that grain harvesting is going to give him better hours and steady pay, but it will pay the rent which is kind of, oh I don't know IMPORTANT! I went from having a husband home 24/7, which has it's advantages and disadvantages, to having my husband home pretty much NEVER! If he was still working for himself, the hours would not be much different I suppose but it just seems like I see him less now than when he worked for himself. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! I MISS MY HUSBAND!

To add to my aching heart, which has me in emotional turmoil. He started this job the week that school got out. I have no husband, but I have a house full of kids who also miss their dad and are handling their emotions about as well as mommy, and who have endless amounts of energy. We have no back yard to send them to. Our travels were limited to where we could go on bikes since JC now has the truck all day, but now Buzz has a flat tire and no way to get to Tarjay to get a new tube. I am pretty much stranded with 4 rambunctious boys with nothing to do! Did I mention also our t.v. broke this morning? Yep it did. I might just lose my marbles before school starts again in August.

It is JC's 35th birthday tomorrow. I think I will bake him his favorite Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting. Not that he will be home to eat it, but that I will be thinking about him. Now to get to the store to get the ingredients, Oh that's right I can't go to the store! Looks like JC will get birthday pancakes instead. Which I am sure he will just love because pancakes rank right up there with, oh I don't know, liver and onions, not that he will be here to eat them anyway.

To all of you military spouses I am sorry. I know I have it no where near as bad as you do. I really have no right to complain at all. I don't know how you do it. You amaze me. I am thankful for your sacrifices and your spouses service. May your family be blessed, comforted and protected. Our service men and women are incredible and so are their families! My family and I keep you in our prayers always and are very appreciative of all you do.

Thank you all for coming to my Pity Party. Drive home safely!


Tam said...

Okay you have it tough. I only have a husband in the morning hours and then he is gone again until around 9-10 at night. But I still have tv. If I lived closer I would be at your door tomorrow and we would get that tube.

Good luck and and just remember you have earned a girls night with no kids.

Cris said...

military wife or not... we all want our man around. That is until he makes us crazy and we can't wait for him to leave. Many a day I have said to my husband "Don't you have somewhere to deploy to? SOON?" Then the moment he is gone I cry. Ahh, the angst of being a woman in love.