Monday, May 26, 2008

If You Give A Dub A Cookie and The Super Hero's Princess!

Rub- "Momma I'n gonna tew you a fecwit in you eaw"
Me- "Ok Rub what's your secret?"
Rub-"I hab thuper powerth!"
Me-"Super powers! Wow that's cool Rub! What are your super powers?"
Rub-"I can go vroomin fats! Wike dis. VROOOM! *runs away*

A little later....
I was sitting in the chair and Rub was kneeling on the floor in front of me. I was wearing a pink tank top and grey sweater.

Me-"Rub what are you doing?"
Rub-"I'n button up you fwetter."
Me-" Why?"
Rub-"Cauve you pink iv chowing"
Me-"What's wrong with my pink showing?"
Rub-"I don't wike pink, it a girl cuwer"
Me-"Well I am a girl"
Rub-"No you not! You a mommy"
Me-"Mommys are girls Rub"
Rub-"No dair not, dair juft modelf and pwinfef"
Me-"So am I a model or a princess?"
Rub-*holding my cheeks in his hands*"You my pwinfef"
Awwwww! I love this boy!

JC-"Dub what are you doing out of bed? Your suppose to be asleep"
Dub-"I'm firsty about it"
Me-"Get your drink and go to bed."
Dub-"I wan fweep in the carpet"
Me-"No go to your bed"
Dub-"But I'm scared about it"
JC-"Scared about what Dub?"
Dub-"Scared about ummm...*sees JC's cookies* I need a cookie"
JC-"Take a bite and then you need to go to bed"
Dub-"But I'm firsty about it"
JC gives him another drink
Dub-"What dya got dair?"
Me-"Spicy candy, go to bed"
Dub-"I want some spicy about it"
Me-"No go to bed"
Dub-"You cwoss about it?"
Me-"Yes! I am cross about it! GO TO BED!"
Dub-"I firsty about it!"
I don't know where he got the whole "about it" thing but that follows most of his sentences. As far as "are you cross" um yes we watch too much Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Lynnie said...

Um, ***spicy candy***??????? I use that same trick, too! "No, sweetie, you won't like this, it's very spicy, mommy put very hot spices in it!"
Very funny blog!