Monday, June 9, 2008

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!

Today while I am gobbling down cheesy bread sticks drowned in dipping sauce (all low fat and low calorie I am certain.) Nice and steamy hot still, with melty stringy cheese from our local pizza place. Delivered right to my door there is no way to sugar coat it, a really creepy man. I began to feel bad for JC who is by now choking down yet another boring sandwich with one hand as he drives through a field of wheat. In my defense, being the totally kick butt domestic goddess that I am, I do make homemade bread for his sandwiches and try to vary the contents daily so he gets a variety ranging anywhere from egg salad to roast beef. I also add a variety of sides like Cheetos, Doritos or Maui onion chips. A piece of fruit and some snacks for his late days like almonds, peanuts and always a variety of candy for his sweet tooth. My Gosh does the man have a sweet tooth! I also try to put in some homemade sweet for his dessert, be it a brownie or cookie. As much as I try to switch it up for him I feel like if the poor guy has to gag down another sandwich I might just barf out of pure sympathy for him. Breakfast is just as daunting. Right now we rotate between a sausage or bacon egg and cheese muffin, breakfast burritos or crumb donuts.

So my questions to my loyal readers are these...
Do you make your husband breakfast, is it just a bowl of cocoa puffs or something more substantial? Does he even eat breakfast at all?
Do you pack lunches for your husbands?
What do you pack? Is it a mystery to him everyday, something exciting he can't wait to find out about or is it the same ol' thing.
I need ideas quick so I thought I would start a little friendly contest. You send me your ideas/recipes for breakfast, lunch, dessert and snacks, I try them out on Farmer JC. We both get to judge because I have to make it of course. You will be judged on:

  1. Taste
  2. Ease of eating one handed while driving a tractor through a wheat field without getting sticky and shmootzed, he hates that!
  3. Ability to hold up in a lunch box while bouncing around on a tractor
  4. How easy/time consuming it was to prepare
  5. How common the ingredients are to my kitchen (think good ol' comfort food)

Got it? Good, now get busy! Quick! Save my husband from the dreadful rut his wife has fallen into! He will love you for it! Maybe even so much he would suggest all on his own of course with no bribing from me that I offer up a slight reward to the idea he loved the best! Email your entries to

Ps. If it contains mushrooms or mountains of garlic, I guarantee you will lose. Just a tip. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I will have to see what I can come up with. Russell is not a breakfast man, nor can he stand a sandwich made in advance. I am off the hook for him in that regard.

One of my favorite snacks at the moment are raw, hulled, pumpkin seeds. Supposedly they are high in B vitamins and good for... eh... one's libido. They are easily found at Trader Joes in the nut section. The bag that we currently have has been in our house for MONTHS -- tasty, but not a snack for all occasions.


EaglezEye aka Mark said...

Well I am not participating in the contest but I would like to add a comment.

I don't eat breakfast and usually I am home early so I don't eat lunch at work. My wife does cook supper and she usually mixes it up quite nicely.

She is a great cook and that is very important to me. So without posting any substantial evidence I will say that my wife is the winner for supper meals.


Syndy said...

I also cannot join the contest. My hubby rarely eats breakfast. Usually it's a poptart or granola. Lunch is whatever is left over from dinner the night before or a sandwich. Lucky guy has a huge (and I mean huge) cafeteria (that's an understatement) at work if I do have nothing yummy to send. Good luck. If you get any great ideas send them our way!

karen said...

Well John doesnt really eat in the morning either. He does take applesauce and eats that.

Since im pretty sure there isnt a microwave out on the farm this might not work but we get from Sams club -I dont remember the brand but its a yellow box- of enchiladas. John eats 2 a day for lunch. He also use to take the boxed "WRAPS" from walmart. We like the bacon and chicken wrap. I think they are the South beach ones. - white and blue package. They come with 2 tortilla's, package of meat, cheese, mayo and a cup of jello with a spoon. They travel really well. WE get these when we travel and eat on the road.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

pOkay, I am still thinking, however, while not a sandwich food this could be adapted to work.

The day before, in your crockpot place

1 onion sliced,

some whole garlic cloves (this is just for flavor... it does not taste of garlic once cooked completely),

beef roast of some kind ( I have used brisket, ball tips, chuck steak, chuck roast, and tri-tip [don't tell Russ... he would cry])

1-2 bay leaves.

Cook on high for a while... then switch to low. This cooks for many hours (8-12) until tender enough to shred with a fork.

Also, you can do the same thing on the stove much faster 2-3 hours. For stove top, leave the onions whole and add about 1/2 inch of water to the bottom of the pan. Bring to a boil and continue to cook on high until meat is easy to shred.

Serve with favorite taco condiments... lettuce, tomato, cheese, beans, etc.

The next day the leftover meat is great as a burrito or in a salad. It is tasty and easy.

PS Does the farmer have a favorite kind of cookie??

Jeff & Holly said...

What a lucky man Farmer boy is!! Jeff eats chex every day. The only time I make him breakfast is when we have it for dinner! Occasionally I will make him up a lunch, usually it is left overs or pb&j's. Before I worked 14 hours a day right along with my hunny, I would try to have something nice on the table.
I have one idea though,
pep up that roast beef sandwhich. Use your left over roast that you cook in a crock pot so it is nice and tender. Cook up some onions and green pepers in a little bit of butter then add your left over roast beef. Then scramble in some eggs. Salt and pepper to taste. Then add it on a bun and top it with his favorite cheese while it is still warm so that the cheese will melt and help hold that sandwhich together on those bumpy tractor rides. This is good cold or hot.
Good luck!

Now if you need treat ideas, I'm your girl.

See you

Maria said...

hey! way to go that jaron will take a lunch and eat it and not stop at the convenience store!!! just made ANOTHER ham sandwich tonite for ben while he was out swathing...i think i need some ideas more than you do. it sounds like you are awesome at trading things up!!! as for the breakfast, i am all about easy!!! i bake potatoes the nite before for quick hashbrowns, i make a ton of waffles and then freeze them to throw in the toaster...muffins, i'm sure you all ready have all that going on! one thing i sometimes do for lunches is different kinds of shrimp pasta, or italian with some type of meat...only had a few complaints that he has to stop the machine to eat or it sometimes spills all over the floor!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious, I do not know why I don't get on here and read your blogs more often. Kudos to you girl, my husband would be jealous. I used to make him breakfast and lunch but I leave at the same time as him now.
Can you make chicken for dinner and then put it in a wrap with lettuce and all the stuff that he likes. Do wraps, burritos, tacos, and sandwiches, spaghetti sandwiches are really good col too maybe that would spice it up a little. Shawn eats a lot of cereal, waffles, pancakes with fruit normally.
We like snacks like the quaker oats breakfast bars I eat those at my desk and Shawn eats them on the run high fiber and filling, pretzels, gold fish...
And you are much better with the sweets than I.
Shawn likes to change it up from water to drink to crystal lite or the generic stuff is good too, or tang.
You are a great wife he is a lucky man!!!
Love ya Kara