Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thinking PINK!

Wow how time flies! Where have the days gone? Oh yes, I remember...they have been sucked away by temper tantrums, messes that could put a hurricane to shame, poopy underwear, mountains of laundry, many uneaten meals followed by more tantrums mostly mine, followed by mountains of dishes, honey please could yous... and homework followed by more tantrums, and now we have added Cub Scouts as well as the Faith in God program.

I don't think I have enough going on around here so I thought I would add a little more to the mix. NO! I am not preggers again! I am training for my first ever 5k run. That's right I am going to RUN, for those of you who know me you can stop laughing anytime! For those of you who don't know me, I am NOT a runner, I am a great speed walker only because my legs are forever long and one of my strides equals three of a normal persons, but I am not now nor have I ever been a good runner. I have been thinking for about a year that it would be fun to do a charity run. I have several charities that I have a personal connection with like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JC's 4y/o niece has diabetes), American Cancer Society (Many of my family members are battling cancer and many more family members lost their battle with cancer), American Heart Association (Grandpa died of heart disease) those foundations and many more but right now my legs are Racing for the Cure for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Now 5k is not that far, for those of you that are mathematically challenged ahem...yours truly it is only 3.1 miles. I have NO problems walking 3.1 miles and then some. The question is can I RUN 3.1 miles and turn in a decent time. I know it is not about competition, but I don't want to be the very last runner to cross the finish line either. So I am training. I am training first and foremost to be able to RUN for ALL 3.1 miles, but secondly to be able to run those 3.1 miles in 30 minutes. I think that is an attainable goal. I will keep you posted on my progress. This weekend should prove to be a pretty big challenge as it reaches triple digits which means I will have to be hauling my bum out of bed to run before the sun comes up or face the heat neither of which I do well.

I am doing this race with my dad, and women race separately, but he is going to race too. We are racing in honor of my Aunt. She has just won her first and hopefully last battle with breast cancer! I am excited, not that I will have to be up at like 4 am on race day to get to Fresno on time but this will be a fun experience and a great way to spend time with my dad doing something good. Who knows the running bug might just bite me and I may have to give equal rights to all my near and dear foundations!

P.s. I am really enjoying the training, not because I am doing some good for myself, but because I am ALONE! It is my excuse to leave the house with no whiners in tow! BTW..have you done your BSE this month?


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations. That is exciting news. I have many times entertained the thought of running. However, I have yet to commit to such an endevor. I did opt to walk (with Zach and the baby) to do our errands the other day. Gtting to the bank was fine (about 3 miles), when it was time to go home... oi, that was not pleasant. Of course, I probably should have chosen a shorter distance since I had done no exercise (other than feeding/rocking a baby) for the previous 5 weeks.

Good luck... I can't wait to hear how it goes (the race and the early rising).


PS To Karrie.... yes, I get the same questions. It is irritating beyond belief. What's more, asking the mother of a baby less than 6 months if she is planning another is just cruel. Let the lady adjust to life with a new family member.

PPS Is it sick and wrong that while the baby is only 8 weeks, we are entertaining the thought of not being done? He has just been so wonderful that I think we MAY have another.... sooner than later this time.

PPPS Melsy, Russ has said that he wants 8 kids total. I told him that we should have thought about that a lot sooner. I am not feeling as young as I used to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry for once again hogging all your comment space. We should get together and chat so some of your page can be free for other people's comments.


karen said...

Good luck with the race. The last race I did was for MS and I was really slow. I was actully prego with #3 and knew something was up. I was tired. I hear you with the diabetes. John got type 2 when David was 1 and josh is now in a juvenile study for type 1. He has a marker for it but not diagonosed yet and hopefully wont be.

Willow- I hope you do have another one and a GIRL. I think we should experience both sides of the kiddos.

Maria said...

good luck...sounds like fun, except the heat! i don't have that great of advice cause all the 5ks i've done, i am at the back of the pack. oh well! i could stand to do a little running myself at the is point...