Saturday, May 17, 2008

Conversations With Rub

First let me say to all of you still complaining about it not being springy enough for you, too cold and too wet and still snowy....SHOOOSH! It is the second day of triple digits here and tomorrow it is suppose to be 102. I am not happy, especially because I've had to be out in the truck with no A/C yesterday and today. I do NOT want to be climbed on, hung on, patted on, whined at or even looked at for that matter, I am that miserable!
This afternoon I was laying on the bed under the A/C and ceiling fan in the dark trying not to be so miserable and this is the conversation I had with Rub.
Me-"What's this Rub? (pointing to his nose?)
Rub-"Dat's my nove."
Me-"What do you use your nose for?"
Rub-"I mell fings wif it."
Me-"What about these?"
Rub-"My eaws. I wiffen wif dem."
Me-"And this?"
Rub-"My mouf, I get in twubble wif it, cuv I wun it too much."
Me-LOL "And this?"
Rub-"Dats my bewy(belly), it keepf my food safe."
Me-LOL" And what's this Rub?"
Rub-"My bewy buttit (belly button), I put my finner in it and say Beep!"

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JR Hart said...

LOL! Kids are great. One of the pastors at my church has a 3 year old who continuously calls me R.J. (my name being J.R.). We think he got it from Over the Hedge since that is the main raccoon's name. We tried to correct him but it wouldn't stick so... I'm now R.J. to a number of people. But it's more like Ah JAY!