Saturday, March 8, 2008

Boyz II Bigger Boyz!

I was blog surfing earlier and read BD's blog here and it made me think about Vootz. I was helping him after his bath the other night, after our skating adventure, because he was so sore. I was drying him off and noticed a black spot under his arm. I lifted up his arm (which caused shrill screams of ahhouch I am soooorrre!) and kinda scratched at the spot to see what it was, thinking maybe it was just a little piece of towel lint or something. Nope! Out pops a long, dark underarm hair! My almost 8 y/o had an ingrown underarm hair that could have easily put a grown man to shame! I almost fell over! Holy Cow! I dropped his arm, raised it again, dropped it and raised the other one! (By this time he is wailing about how he would dry himself off now, I was making it worse!) He's always been a hairy kid. He has hair on his legs and arms so thick and long I can almost braid it! I just was not prepared for my little boy to have underarm hair! We always joked that JC is going to have to teach him how to shave at 12 because he is so hairy but I was so unprepared for underarm hair! Speaking of hair...I think that I may have sprouted a few more gray hairs that night.

Oh and Buzz informed JC and I the other night that he and Vootz are growing mustaches! They are having a contest to see who can grow the best one.
Buzz- "Vootzskies is going to be dark fur like daddoos, and I am going to have light fur like Uncle Boom's! Can you see the hair mom? See it Daddoo? Cool huh?"
Me and JC in unison, while shooting each other the 'what the heck' look - "Uh-huh cool Buzz!"
So my 5 y/o and my almost 8 y/o have about done me in with their body/facial hairiness this last couple weeks. I All I can say is "Good Gravy! What was he thinking sending me boys! The good man upstairs must really have a sense of humor! Girls, bras, periods I can handle...boys and their issues, not so much!


Anonymous said...

Hey you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I have the best plans to call you and say this in person (it is currently 7:30 Tuesday morning), but in case something goes awry, Happy birthday -- we think you are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maria said...

good luck with the boys and i should be hoping for a girl on this next one? my kid doesn't have the same problem, but does have a crooked hairline on the back of the neck. one side is shorter than the other...all ready old-manish!

Jeff & Holly said...

LOL!! That is so funny! Maybe it is good you have all boys, a girl wouldn't think that was so cool!

Tam said...

I still can't get over the fact that sometime in the next 12 months I am going to have to potty train a little boy!! You mean there is still more fun stuff ahead of me.

I meant to leave this comment on Tuesday so I am sorry I am a few days behind. Happy Late Birthday - I hope you had a good time!!