Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Woot Woot!! I am back up and running! Thank you to my husband and brother in law!

I had a million ideas to blog while I was down and now I cannot remember one of them! I should have written them down! Some funny things being said here in Casa de Moncur lately, here's a taste...

Dubby- "Actuwawy, dat's his fishing dad." (Translation, Actually that is his fishing dad.) Telling JC that Mater's tow hook is actually a fishing hook, after JC called it a tow hook. I can't believe my two year old is saying actually!

"I going at Heaver's!" Dubby telling me and JC he is going next door (to the sweetest neighbor ever) after getting in trouble. He says it with the dejected pout and everything, it is really quite pathetic. He really does walk out the door and go to her house!

"You hear dat mom? Wha ist? Is Gweg! He home! Les go see him! Hi Gweg, I come see you!" Dubby getting excited that Greg (Totally cool husband to the totally sweetest neighbor ever) is home from work! This happens every day!

Dubby- "He's bite me!"
JC-"Sadie is not a he, she's a girl, and she did not bite you she licked you!"
Rubby-"She's not a girl, she's a cat!" (Duh dad! Cat's can't be girls, they are cats! LOL!)

Dubby unable to pee- "Is doesn't work!"

Rub holding up the pair of shorts I got out for him to wear- "These don't fit, the sleeves are too short!"

Dubby two seconds ago, making lame excuses for being out of bed, said with a smile and tone of happy excitement- "I gun frow up!"
Me- "You are not going to throw up! Get to bed!
Dubby-"I gun hab hicsops!"
Me-"No you're not going to have hiccups! Go to bed!"
Dubby-" I gun sleep the carpet, Dads office!" (I'm going to sleep on the floor in Dad's office)
Me -"ONE....TWO....
Dubby-" Okaaayy Okaay! Geesh Louish!"
IRRRRR!!!! and Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you!!!! Welcome back.