Sunday, October 17, 2010

Like Washing Your Car

So tonight there was suppose to be a 30% chance of rain and scattered thunderstorms. According to they were not suppose to hit my zip code until 9pm. Now where we are when they say 30% chance of rain that usually means we might get two or three drops if we spit real hard and thunderstorms here (as in RIGHT HERE), haha that is funny. They are rare, they are fast, the are WEAK! This afternoon I wanted to run. I NEEDED to run. I was beginning to get a little claustrophobic and needed to breathe. I looked out the window and immediately knew that I could run, but breathing would be out of the question until some rain fell to settle the air. So I waited impatiently, getting antsier and antsier as the minutes ticked by. Still no rain but it would be getting dark soon so I laced up and headed out. My warm up walk, no rain. 1/2 mile drip...drop hmm maybe that was rain. 1 mile drip, drip, drip ahh refreshing. 1 1/2 miles flash BOOM! Umm, little close. 2 miles flash 1.2.3 BOOOOM! Okay, running a little faster. 2 1/2 miles torrential down pour! Running ALL OUT!! Rounding the corning to home....nothing, no more lightning, no more rain, no more energy. Soaked through, squishy shoes, dripping mascara...laughing kids, but still I feel great! I liked running in the rain. The whole lightning being so close while I am outside with headphones on and soaking wet, not so much. Maybe if it was 8 or 9 counts away it might be cool, but not 3. Nothing like a hard run to make it rain; nothing like a hard rain to make you run.

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