Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching Up

WOW! Where does the time go?

In September we made a quick trip to Utah for JC's granny's funeral. We were all sick with a nasty cold. We got to have dinner and a nice, but too short, visit with our very good friends. She is an excellent photographer and had we not all been sick and miserable we would have stuck around another day and let her take our Christmas pictures. If you are in the southern Idaho/ Northern Utah area and need some gorgeous shots, look her up.

We took the boys to Disneyland for the first time with some of JC's family. I woke them all up early and told them to hurry and get dressed because we had to take dad to LA to look at a truck. I got a lot of sass and, "Why didn't we do that on Saturday?" and "Can't we have a babysitter?" But I finally got them loaded up and we drove about three miles before JC pulled over and told me I had to drive because he needed to sleep. Of course, because number one: I HATE to drive, number two: I hate to drive in bad weather and it was pouring rain and then very foggy, number three: I HATE LA traffic, number four: JC is the worst back seat driver ever, okay my mom is worse (sorry mom), but still he complains about everything I do, and number five I wanted to video tape the boys as we pulled into Disneyland and JC doesn't know how to use the video camera. Number five didn't turn out that bad though because much to my disappointment the boys reaction was very much lacking in the excitement department. It went something like this:

Vootz "Are we at Disneyland?"
Me "Ummm Yeah!"
Boys "Cool." Notice I did not use an exclamation point there. Seriously a boring response.

Dub was pretty disappointed he was too short to ride Indiana Jones but we all still had a great time.

The boys had great parent teacher conferences and their report cards were wonderful. Vootz's teacher is great and so perfect for him.

Buzz's teacher teared up when she was talking about how wonderful he is.

Rub's teacher has done the impossible. He is reading and she said he is doing great and is a great kid. She is doing fantastic, remember this is the kid I thought was going to flunk out of kindergarten just because he likes to play mind games. He doesn't play them with her. She has a reputation for being the "mean first grade teacher", but Rub LOVES her! He is doing awesome!

Dub's teacher loves him and had this to say about his quarterly test...
Mrs. M- "Dub what's your address? Where do you live?
Dub- "The Batcave"
Mrs. M- "When is your birthday?"
Dub- "It's already passed."
My thoughts...What a little stink!

All I have to say is my boys teachers are A-MAZING!!! Love them! Appreciate them (especially after a week of independent study to go to Utah)! They are the BEST!

In October I ran a 5k (that's 3.1 miles for the conversion challenged) in 32 minutes. Last Saturday I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2 hours 35 minutes. Planning a 10k (6.2miles) in January, yes, I realize that is backwards to run a half then go back down to a 10k but that's the way I roll and I need the 10k t-shirt, it just doesn't feel complete to have the 5 and 1/2 without the 10. Maybe a full marathon (26.2 miles) in March.

Yes, I am wearing a Fila top with Nike bottoms, Asics shoes, and even some Underarmor and Champion... got a problem with it? JC does. This drives him CRAZY! He is very Nike loyal and very against multi-brand wearing at the same time. Hey, they aren't paying me to advertise for them, I will mix and match what ever brands I long as I have a hair ribbon to match.

I think it is WRONG WRONG WRONG that it is the middle of November and I wore shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops all day and was still sweating.

JC's family will be coming here for Thanksgiving. STRESS!!!

I really need to do the dairy free, caffeine free diet, but I always was a hard head who never did what the doctors said, why start now.

I cleaned my house today and it lasted twelve and half minutes. Then I hid in the office with a huge chocolate covered carmel apple and a diet Pepsi and cried.

Vootz gets his braces on in two weeks. I told him I think this weekend we should feast on carmel apples, hot tamales, sour patch kids because he won't be able to after he gets his braces on.
Vootz- "Mom, I am getting braces, not you."
Me- "So no chocolate donuts?"
Vootz- "You're not even suppose to have chocolate donuts OR carmel. What do chocolate donuts have to do with braces anyway?"
Me- "Dude, you're such a trader!"
Vootz- "I would like a king size Snickers though."

Yesterday I ate:

Breakfast- Diet Dr. Pepper
Lunch- Licorice
Snack- Licorice
Dinner-Dill pickle
Snack-Chocolate Covered Carmel Apple
When I finally came off my sugar high, I slept really well. Do pickles count as a vegetable? Apples are good for you, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

I think I should do a sugar detox. But I will have to wait until the bucket-O-licorice that is in my car is gone. Maybe I should go get it out and finish it off so I can start tomorrow. Eating a bucket of licorice by yourself in two days is probably not a good idea. Three days should be okay though, right?


Anonymous said...

You just made my day girl, or should I say night. You are a supermom even when you are tired and hiding in the office with a bar of chocolate. Love you and the boys with all my heart! And Mikael loves his buzzy-fuzzy!

The McCauley Family said...

Oh my gosh girl. You are too funny! That was alot of info. in one entry. I was wondering why you were twitching last night at the meeting, now I know all that sugar.:) Love ya girl.

Karrie said...

You are so funny.

Ryan and Jaron are one in the same in many respects. Here's one for ya: Ryan told me to buy navy, gray, or brown running shorts since when I run *cough cough WALK* I shouldn't stand out in nature.

I'm no great photographer, but if you want a friend to take free pics, find a location or drive up here and we can see what we can do. Shoot, Isn't Glenville a midway point? I'll bring a barf bag for the drive. Which reminds me, there is a beautiful spot that's all "fally" right now right by my house. MUST SHOOT KIDS. Photographically speaking, of course.

I love your braces/donut conversation with Vootz. And that's why I like ya!