Sunday, October 17, 2010

He Started It

Once upon a time a husband said something that made his wife really, really, really mad. The wife had two options. Option one would involve a lot of clean up including scrubbing the frying pan and that is something she already had enough of. So she went with option two, which was leave and leave as fast as she could. Since she could not find her keys she laced up her tennis shoes and ran. She ran and ran and ran until all her anger turned to tears and her tears to regret and sorrow and regret and sorrow to forgiveness and humility. After she had a long talk with herself and another long talk with God, she headed home. When she came back home that hot June afternoon, soaked in sweat and exhausted so exhausted she could no longer hold a frying pan, much less swing it she plopped down in her office chair, kicked off her shoes and noticed it. She felt good. Not just good, but GREAT! She was hot, sweaty, stinky and gross. She was exhausted and sore. Her mind was clear and calm and she was happy. The rest of that week was rough emotionally and she "ran away" a lot. Not that she was running away from her problems, but that she was running away from distractions so she could solve her problems. Before she knew it she was addicted.

One day she signed herself and her friends up for a 5k run. They ran and did great and felt great. She came home and immediately signed up for two more races. Then she worked on her resume, because addictions are pricey. The End.

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