Friday, October 1, 2010

WARNING: Lack of Chocolate Donuts Causes Brain Loss

I've lost my mojo. I have sat down to blog and I type and delete, type and delete. I don't know why, but I am in a serious writing funk. Maybe I have sweated out all my wit running in the morning. Maybe I haven't had enough diet Pepsi to get the juices flowin', maybe it is chocolate donut deprivation. I am certain lack of chocolate donuts has to have some ill effect on something...I know it has had an effect on the scale. I have lost a little bit of weight, chocolate donut deprivation must cause loss of brain matter, hence causing loss of mojo. That's gotta be it! I lost the brain matter (which makes the scale say one thing when my jeans clearly say another) which causes lack of mojo, which causes slow blog traffic, which causes harping from friends to update the blog, which causes stress, which causes need for chocolate donuts, which I can't have, which causes more stress, more brain loss....It's a vicious cycle people, vicious I tell you! The End.

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Karrie said...

Lol. This is funny.