Monday, February 16, 2009

Time Flies

Okay, okay! It's been a while I know. We survived two weeks of passing around the stomach flu and just as everyone, and by everyone I mean the boys, got their energy back I came down with a horrific cold. The kind that makes you wish you had the stomach flu instead because at least that only lasts a couple of days. I was MISERABLE! It lasted a little over a week. I am finally feeling better and so far no one else has any symptoms. *crossing fingers*

For Christmas JC's brother and his wife gave me a day at the spa for my gift. I know, there is not a better gift in the whole world than a spa day! They rock! My sister in law who is expecting her first baby, my 5th niece scheduled our appointment for Valentines Day. For my Valentines present from JC, he watched the boys for the day while I escaped to heaven! I figured a day at the spa, we'd have a massage, pedicure and manicure and that would be fantastic. L's idea of a day at the spa was a European facial, an 80 minute Swedish massage, spa pedicures and manicures while eating a delicate lunch and sipping apple cider from champagne glasses and a shampoo and style! I did not want to come home. I wish I was Rich so I could go to the spa every month. I am beyond grateful to J and L for a wonderful day to relax and be pampered.

I made it through the whole day with out any phone calls from JC, because he has not memorized my cell number and his cell phone was in my purse from the night before. I also went the whole day until five minutes before we left the spa with out any phone calls from the boys! When the phone did ring it was Buzz which was no surprise because he is the only one who knows my number by heart.

Me- Hello.
Buzz- *whining* Mom you've been gone a lotsa hours. Are you coming home fast?
Me- No Buzz I am not coming home fast. I will be home in about twenty minutes.
Buzz- But that will take forever!
Me- No Buzz that will take twenty minutes. Go watch the Letter Factory and I will be home before it is over. Bye

Five minutes later.

Me- Hello.
Buzz- Mom, Rub wants to talk to you.
Rub- *mumble, mumble, whine*
Me- I have no idea what you are saying ask dad. Bye.

Two minutes later

Me- What Buzz?
Buzz- Dad doesn't know what Rub wants.
Me- Oh well. He'll figure it out eventually. Bye.

Five minutes later.

Me- I'm turning on our street now. Quit calling me!

By the time I actually got to finish writing this and post it Vootz came down with the cold. Granted it has taken me several days to accomplish this little post because I have been very busy with catching up on doctor appointments now that we finally have insurance. More to come on that later.


JR Hart said...

In my parents house, it was always wait until your father gets home. :D

Maria said...

what exactly is a 'delicate lunch'? :) man, your trip to the spa sounds awesome...i never would have thought so, until having a couple of munchkins. i'll have to try it out someday!