Tuesday, February 24, 2009

R.I.P Old Friend

I have been ignoring you. I am sorry but I have been on this reading kick and can't seem to get my nose out of the books. I have finished Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage, and the complete Twilight series all in a little less than two weeks. I have nothing else to read for a while so I thought I would quit neglecting my blog and catch up a little.

We JC sold our old white sub to his brothers to be used for parts. It was a sad day. I thought I would be ok, and I was, until they fired it up and I realized I was hearing my our car roar to life for the last time. That car was the first major purchase JC and I bought together. Sadly I wrecked it shortly after, and the engine is about to blow up and it won't shift out of first gear because the transmission is shot, and there's a few nails in the tires but still it has sentimental value. I tried not to cry over a stinkin' old car that was taking up a perfectly good parking place in the drive way forcing me to park my new love on the street, but when JC handed me the check the tears just seemed to roll no matter how hard I tried to keep them in. It might have been easier if I could have looked at the check and imagined a new pair of shoes or flirty summer dress, but images of square steel tubing doesn't dull the pain of losing my baby. Vootz and Buzz seem to be taking it just as hard. When they got home from school and it was not in the drive way they were afraid someone had stolen it.

Vootz- MOM! Someone stole the Sub!

Me- No, we sold it to Unlce Boom and Uncle Ed.

Vootz- WHY! Why couldn't dad just fix it up.

Buzz- How did they take it? Is it working?

Me- Yes, it works, they drove it away and no, dad can't fix it up.

Buzz- Well if it starts why is it broken?

Me- It's a long story Buzz

Vootz- Well dad has a lot of tools, he could just fix it.

Me- Tools aren't parts Vootz. The sub needed a lot of expensive parts.

Vootz- Well dad has a lot of parts at the ranch. He could just take the parts off the old cars and out of the junk yard and fix it.

Me- It doesn't work like that.

Vootz- I don't care how it works mommmm! I liked that car!

They made quick work of stripping her apart. By yesterday afternoon they had brought back my stereo, speakers and wheels. The three items not part of the deal. Oh and one of the boys' missing Hot Wheel. I would imagine that by now they have parts scattered between the ranch, Boom's house and Ed's house. It's a sad thought.

When they drove the car away, they also drove away with my computer, so hopefully soon I will have my computer up and running and will be more on top of keeping my blog updated since I won't be having to hijack JC's or fight with the keyboard on the boys computer.

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Karrie said...

I HAVE BEEN READING TOO! That's so funny- I read some homeschooling stuff (NOT homeschooling btw) and the Inheritance series. Everything gets neglected a bit when I read. I'm all done now and will take a break from reading. Ryan said "When are you going to finish that book? I want my wife back." I replied "Huh? Shh, I'm almost done with this chapter." And then I rolled my eyes and just giggled. Because I thought it was funny, and I'm a dork like that.